On Proud Daddies

Again I missed my Monday post. In my defence, I was writing since I had a free day. I hope you all weren’t pining away for me.

The New Year’s Day weekend was good. I went to dinner with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and baby Bennett on New Year’s Eve. As we sat to order, we couldn’t help but marvel at the perfect little angel sleeping at the head of the table. His little face was relaxed, his rosebud lips gaping, and his eyelashes cast shadows over his cheeks. Seriously, this child is good. I’ve already warned my brother that he should enjoy Bennett’s good nature because chances are his next child will be hell on wheels.

But that isn’t the point of this post.

No, the point is at one point during dinner, my brother looked over at his son. His eyes gleamed with paternal pride and I swear, his hat had to be cutting off his circulation because his head was all swollen.

“I make pretty babies,” he announced with a beaming smile.

We all looked at Bennett and had to agree.

“I should sell my seed,” (or something along those lines) was his next comment. “Because I could make a lot of pretty babies.”

“You’ve only had one so far,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, and who’s to say you’d have pretty babies with other women. Maybe you and I together make pretty babies,” his wife said with a sniff.

Of course, proud daddy that he is, he shook his head. “Nope. I make pretty babies.”

We can’t really argue with him about that, but his wife tried. The thing about my brother though, is even when he’s wrong, he’s adamant that he’s right. The only way to disprove him is to show him solid evidence, but I can promise you his next child will be pretty which will only cement his belief that he’s a solid breeder of pretty babies.

I knew my brother would be a good daddy. He’s got this lovable, sometimes sweet way about him that endears him to nearly everyone he meets. Men like him because he’s this big burly guy who likes to hunt, play video games, drinks beer, and has fun no matter what he does. Women like him because he reminds them of teddy bears. He’s gentle and sweet and can disarm you with what I call his “dumb cow” look. Kids like him because they can play rough with him and he has no problem letting them climb all over him. So yeah, I knew he’d be a good dad, but seeing it still boggles the mind. I mean, I used to change his diapers and run screaming from him (okay maybe not, but I did spend a lot of time sneaking away from him as a kid because he wanted to be with me all the time). But seeing him with his son warms my heart.

So I suppose he has every right to be proud of his son who looks just like him. I know I’m proud of him.

I hope y’all had a great New Year’s Day weekend. Here’s lookin’ at 2012.


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4 responses to “On Proud Daddies

  1. LOVE it. What a cute interaction. I just love men with their babies. Something about seeing that just makes me smile! I don’t have children, but I could imagine the pride of looking down at your own baby! 🙂

  2. Awe. So sweet. I lovett. And yeah, I pined for you. Hoped you weren’t sick.

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