Redlight, Greenlight

Keeping up with my “red” colored music theme for December, I’ve picked a song that has become something of a recent favorite. I hate that word really because favorite means you prefer something over all others and I can’t do that with music. If someone were to ask me what my favorite song was, I’d probably faint from indecision.

Every song has something to love about it. Kind of like people. But that’s too deep for this post. We’re going to stick to the music. This song is by a band called Redlight King. See? I worked “red” into the topic. The song is called “Bullet In My Hand”. It was a real toss-up for me whether I wanted to pick this song from a “red” band, or “Ultragigantor” by Red Line Chemistry since that one’s like my morning drive song. It gets me to the office because I’m trying to catch up with the driving guitar. “Bullet In My Hand” is my afternoon drive song because though it’s heavy, it mellows me out.

Oh to heck with it. I’ll give you both and let you decide.

Morning drive:


Afternoon drive:

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