Fantasy Man Friday

I’m back. Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I was huddled in my bed the entire day trying to shake this weird sinus/stomach thing I caught. I wish I was in my bed again today because I’m still not feeling 100%. It was nice being in bed. My dog liked it, so did the cat. We were all in bed the majority of the day and I even went to sleep at my normal time last night. So yeah, wasn’t feeling the blog yesterday and now I feel guilty about it.

I guess I’ll have to figure some way to make it up to y’all. Like a really good-looking fantasy man. Did I mention I dreamed about football last night?  You’re probably wondering what that has to do with anything, but it does. I dreamed that the Jaguars came back from a 41 point deficit to defeat the Falcons. That didn’t happen, but I dreamed it and it’s now stuck in my head. So today, I give y’all a sexy football player:

There’s a reason I watch this sport, you know and it isn’t just to see the plays. There’s nothing like watching a bunch of tight, muscled butts in skin-tight pants running around a field. The shoulder pads just emphasize those little butts and hello? Thighs. I do like thighs. Rar.

Happy Friday!

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One response to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Having an issue logging on to your site and then with comment. Don’t have a clue why my machine it sluggish today. But, It was TOTALLY worth the effort to see this. YUM.
    As to thighs, Yep, Love me a strong thigh on a man!

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