Baby Envy

No, I don’t have the sudden urge to have a child. I’m talking about something completely different.

Yesterday my brother and his wife came over to have lunch while I was watching the Saints game (Geaux Saints!) and they of course brought baby Bennett with them. He was so cute in his little Saints onesy that said “If the Saints are playing, I’m not napping”. I was so excited to see him since I haven’t been to their house since last weekend sometime.

I’m not a completely horrible aunt. I had a good reason for avoiding them: they were sick. First it was my brother, then his wife and the last thing I need is to wind up ill so I stayed away. My mother didn’t. Nothing is going to keep her away from her newest grandson.

So when they arrived at the house yesterday, I immediately grabbed Bennett from his carrier because it was my time with him. Mom apparently didn’t see it that way and she sat right next to me telling me everything I was doing wrong with him. Poor Bennett. He probably felt like a bone between two dogs. He wasn’t happy at all. I can only surmise it’s because Mom has spoiled him so much for her he has no love for me.

*sniff* Poor me! He’s not even two months old yet and she’s already turned him against me! *sniff, sniff* I know it isn’t true, but it really does make me jealous. I don’t visit my brother and his wife often because I don’t want to bother them. Then I realize not everyone is like me. I actually dread the thought of visitors because it messes with my routine. You know, my whole putting my pjs on as soon as I get home and vegging out on the sofa until it’s time for bed. That routine. It’s important to me and when it’s interrupted, I get cranky.

Oh my God, I really am a hermit!

But I’m a hermit who wants to be able to cuddle her nephew without his grandmother hovering over her telling her “Look, you’re making him mad.” *sniff* Eventually it’s just easier to hand the very pissed off infant over to his doting grandmother and glare at her between football plays.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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2 responses to “Baby Envy

  1. Poor Bennett- he’s got so many people who love him they want to play tug of war! LOL! I bet he’s adorable and if y0u have anything to do with it, soon he will be on your lap yelling for the Saints with you!

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