Fantasy Man Friday

TGIF! Seriously, y’all this week has been one for the record books. It’s been one thing after another, but now we’re at the highlight of the week.

I’m trying a new stylist out tomorrow. Since most of y’all know my color addiction, there’s no telling what I’ll leave the salon looking like. I kind of feel the need for a change. New stylist, new hairstyle and color, you know? My mind has been churning over the possibilities all week and I still haven’t decided on anything.

Oh! Next Tuesday, December 6, I’m having a special guest over on the blog. Shara Lanel will stop by to chat about fictional towns in honor of her newest release, Blame It On The Night. She’ll also have a giveaway and this book sounds hawt!

But enough about hair and books! Today it’s all about the menz. The manly menz with body hair—or without—and muscles and what we want to do with them. Rar. It’s really the best part of this blogging thing, you know. Searching for men to share with my friends. Now if I could only get these guys to do a private dance…

Oops, I was trying to scroll down to see the rest of the picture before I realized that was the end. Heh. He looks young and in need of some serious instruction, don’t you think? And I’m sure he has a lot of enthusiasm and energy; enough to last for hours and hours and…okay, shutting up. *cough* If only the photographer had taken a full shot…le sigh.

Happy Friday y’all! Have a safe weekend.


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6 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Jillian

    He does look young and in need.

    Hope the weekend is good and the hair turns out spectacular.

  2. LOL about the scrolling. 🙂 Great picture. Thanks again for participating yesterday. It was so much fun. Have a great weekend!

  3. woot! new hair! I’m into purple and red now. And black. Can’t wait to see what you end up with. 😀 And the man… *fans*

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