Brown or Blue Eyes

Today’s the last day of the brown themed songs.

I’m digging deep into my childhood for this one. Growing up, we were exposed to a lot of different music from The Beatles to Black Sabbath to Ronnie Milsap to The Andrew Sisters. It’s part of the reason why I love music, I guess. There are so many variations and moods and well, you name it.

But this song was my absolute favorite as a kid. I thought Crystal Gayle was amazingly beautiful and talented and I wanted hair down to my butt too. Mom nixed that idea. It felt like she sang this song for me…not because I knew about a broken heart or anything, but because I wanted blue eyes and I had brown (now I call them hazel, but still).

“Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” is one of those songs that instantly takes me back to the days when I spent most of my time at the bowling alley with my dad, sitting at the bar (they didn’t mind) with an Irish bartender named Patty who made the best Roy Rogers in the world.

Thanks for following along with the brown theme this month. It’s been an interesting one. Because Christmas is in December, next month will be a red theme with red being in the title of the song, in the lyrics, in the band name, or it reminds me of red.



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4 responses to “Brown or Blue Eyes

  1. KAK

    LOL, my sister used to sing this song to me because she has the brown eyes and I have the blue. As a kid I totally didn’t get why the lady with all the hair didn’t like blue eyes. Aaaah, aging, suddenly you understand the lyrics. đŸ˜€

  2. Never much cared for this one but my best friend loved it. It reminded her of a lost boyfriend. (He wasn’t much of a loss in my book! LOL!)

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