A Holiday Flop

I had great plans for my 4-day weekend. I was going to write to catch up on my NaNo word count, write all of my blogs for this week, and relax. Of the three, the only thing I managed to do was relax. I was lazy. Flat out lazy, not touching my laptop except to beta read for my critique partner.

And I loved it. Friday I went mattress shopping and found something I think I can live with. Of course now I have to wait about two weeks for it to come in, but I’ll hang on by the hardest. I did get a pretty sweet pillow out of the deal and I’ve been using it for the last two nights. Le sigh. It’s lovely.

Saturday I went to the movies with my sister and 20-year-old nephew. We went to see The Muppets. To quote my mother, “You’re not at least bringing one of the kids with you? Are you telling me three adults are going to see The Muppets?” sounding quite shocked and embarrassed by her daughters. It wouldn’t be the first time she rolled her eyes at us; and she wonders where we learned it from. The movie was great. Oh, sure, at the beginning all I could think was “I completely forgot their movies were musicals” and “Oh, my God, this is so goody-goody I might gag”.

Then it got good. My sister and I were in hysterics over Camella’s performance of CeLo Green’s “F- You”. Seriously, we were dying laughing, dragging my poor nephew along for the ride. I tried not to look at her, knowing I was going to lose it. I muffled my laughter, holding it deep inside. Then I made the mistake of looking over at her to see her wiping tears from her eyes. I lost it. We leaned against each other cracking up. It was so sad.

Sunday was more of a…well, it was a blah day. The weather was funky, the Saints weren’t playing, and I’d read so much over the weekend I felt like my head was stuffed. Then I remembered something I was supposed to be doing. I pulled out my laptop, opened up Daisy’s latest story, and lost myself in her world of mermen. That’s when I realized I hadn’t done anything writing wise all weekend.

Sure, I found out that my workshop Music and the Muse was accepted for the FF&P conference in March. That was exciting and I thought about what materials I’ll need for the workshop but I didn’t brainstorm, I didn’t jot down ideas, I just vegetated. And it was good. I console myself with the knowledge that before the holiday, I revised a complete manuscript, telling myself that counts for NaNo even though I cut out an entire scene. Will I hit 50k new word wise? Maybe not, but I did do stuff…you know, before the holiday, LOL

How was your weekend?


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2 responses to “A Holiday Flop

  1. I had a fantastic weekend. Turkey Day was up in Sedona with my family! It was weird since this was the first holiday without my MIL. But she was there in spirit. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I worked (but since I work in a bookstore, it doesn’t feel like working!). AND….I had a birthday celebration on Sunday at the Cheesecake Factory! Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. OMG! I’m still nibbling on it this morning, even. YAY!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the Muppets. I haven’t been to the new one yet, but I love them. Beaker was always my favorite for some reason.

    So happy about the music workshop. It’s going to be ROCKING!!

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