Fantasy Man Friday

I hope everyone survived Thanksgiving! We had a lot of fun yesterday. We somehow managed to fit about twenty-five people in one room and ate together. Normally we have to eat in rotations, but things worked out well. We had just enough food for everyone as well, which is always a good thing since no one went away hungry.

And today’s Black Friday. Every year I tend to stay home and hide because shopping on a normal day is nearly overwhelming for my sanity. I have to go out into the great big world though. I’m trying not to panic. You see, I need a new mattress.

It’s beyond time for me to get a new bed, but I’ve been putting it off for…two years? Which means every morning when I roll out of bed, I ache all over. Oh, I sleep hard and all, but my body hates me for it. I’m hoping there’ll be some kind of sale at one of the furniture stores and if I luck out, it won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Then I remembered today was Fantasy Man Friday and what better way to get in the mood for bed shopping than to imagine this guy in the mattresses I try out:

Yeah, I like that mattress…a lot. If only I could get him to throw into the package, you know?

Well, Happy Friday everyone and have a safe weekend!


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2 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. KAK

    Dude, if he’s the delivery boy, I want the name of that store!

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