Cajun Blue

Today was supposed to be a Cajun French lesson, but I just have to talk about this new show A&E is coming out with called Cajun Blue.

I found out last week that A&E has been filming in my part of the world. They’re shooting a type of reality police show similar to Cops, but instead of following officers around the country, they’re riding with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Department. The gentleman who’ll be hosting the show is our current Sheriff who declined running again. He has said Cajun Blue will be like Cops on steroids.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably remember me trying to decide if I should laugh or hide. That feeling hasn’t dissipated by any means. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live. I find the people here highly entertaining, but I know not everyone is the same. Unfortunately, I worry this show will cast a dark light on the people here.

You know what I mean. You’ve all seen it. You’re watching the news and the reporter will interview someone who embarrasses anyone who lives in that area. It never fails. The reporter will find someone who fits every regional stereotype who witnessed whatever happened. Add to the fact the camera crew is following police around, you know they’re going to find people who will embarrass the hell out of the rest of the parish. It’s inevitable.

On the other hand, I’m strangely excited because…well, this is my home. I know I’ll crack up laughing at some things and cringe at others. Like if they happen to arrest, or stop someone I know. *wince* I have no doubt if this show takes, it’ll be the talk of the surrounding parishes. Watercooler conversations will probably go something like:

Did you watch Cajun Blue last night? Oh, my god, did you see <insert name>? I thought I was gonna die! He’s my wife’s cousin’s ex-husband and he was acting like a fool!


Cher bon Dieu! Did you see <insert name> on the T.V.? Her poor mama. <crossing themselves> She was always a bad girl. Tsk.

Oh yes, I can almost see it now…


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5 responses to “Cajun Blue

  1. HEHEHEHE- Yep. I can see you being torn about this. You can bet they will try to find the stereotypes- more entertaining = more money. I’ll have to check it out. Any news on an air date?

  2. There’s always the hope the soon-to-be-former Sherrif will try to cast things in a good light!

    If not, go with the truth. Cameramen and newspeople have radar for finding our village idiots, no matter where they’re filming! Personally, I think your show’s going to be fun. I’ll be watching for the time it airs. (You could keep us updated since you’re closer to the action! Please?)

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