Mr. Brown, Paging Mr. Brown

When I decided to do themed What’s Playing Wednesdays, I had a vision of the songs I’d use for brown. Oh yes, I had it all planned. I’d start off with one particular song and let it go from there.

Then I had to mention it to my sister who threw out songs I’d forgotten about. *sniff* Big sisters are a pain in the butt. However, the song she recommended brought me to today’s song which I would’ve completely forgot about. So I suppose I should thank her for popping my bubble of tranquility.

The Coasters are one of those groups I will always associate with childhood. My dad is a huge Coasters fan and had the 45s for every one of their singles except “Yakety Yak” which I found for him a few years ago. That’s probably one of their most well-known songs, but it isn’t my favorite by them. Remember, I grew up listening to my dad’s 45s. That’s what I’d do on the weekends. Open the doors to his record cabinet and carefully choose which 45s I wanted to listen to.

“Charlie Brown” was on the top of that list. I loved it. It didn’t hurt that my grandfather called my brother Charlie Brown since his middle name is Charles and he had a big head *cough* LOL.

So today’s brown song is “Charlie Brown”. I hope you enjoy!


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4 responses to “Mr. Brown, Paging Mr. Brown

  1. I adore this song!! Thanks for the memories!

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