Cajun French: Pishnik

I’ve noticed a lot of people have found this blog through word searches for Cajun French. If you’ve just joined the blog because of my Cajun French lessons, welcome!

Remember that book party I had back at the end of September? Well, the attendees were kind enough to share some more Cajun French words with me. I saved them in my phone and promptly forgot about them until this weekend. I was holding baby Bennett and we were once again discussing nicknames for him. They’re very important, you know.

Anyway, I was holding him and staring at his cute little face and thinking he was just a tee-niney thing (tee-niney is a phrase we use here for itty-bitty). I’ve always wanted to nickname someone Flick. Flick sounds quick, sharp, with a little sting, right? Well, that’s when I remembered I had these awesome new Cajun French words on my phone. I pulled up my notes and there it was: Pishnik, (pronounced how it’s spelled). It’s Cajun French for flick.

Of course now I’m using the word for something sweet and wholesome, but at the time (you know, an erotic paranormal romance book party) the conversation went something like this:

Hostess: There’s pishnikwhich means flick.
Me: Pishnik? It sounds dirty, like “Oh my god, he pishniked me all night long!” or “I would love to pishnik.”

And yes, now I’ve changed my mind. I can’t use this word for my nephew. Maybe I’ll just call him Flick. There. That doesn’t sound dirty, does it? How about y’all? Have y’all pishniked anyone lately? *snickers*


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3 responses to “Cajun French: Pishnik

  1. HEHEHE- that does indeed sound dirty! I love these lessons. Flick doesn’t have the same nasty ring to it. I think it’s a cute one. You can call him the flick-ster.

    I am familiar with tee-niny. we use it over here, too.

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