Tangerines are like Oranges

Today marks the last orange song for October. Now that I think of it, I should’ve done a series of songs for Octoberfest. Lots of German bands, maybe a polka or two, but no, I went with colors.

I could’ve gone with a song I’ve never heard before, but when I decided on the orange them last month, this particular song was foremost in my mind. It came out in 1993 by a band called The Flaming Lips. Orange does not appear in the title, or the band name, but it does show up in the lyrics. Which is kind of cool if you think about it since orange doesn’t rhyme with anything.

What should I do for next month? I’m thinking blue, or brown, or yellow. What do you think? I’m saving red for Christmas and ruby for February.

Today’s song is “She Don’t Use Jelly” by The Flaming Lips. I hope you enjoy and thanks for sticking around orange Wednesdays with me!


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4 responses to “Tangerines are like Oranges

  1. Love this!! I vote for brown since the brown leaves are about all we get down here in the south for fall.

  2. When I first saw the title of this blog, I thought you were going to play “Tangerine” by Herb Albert!

    I’ve heard of this song before, but didn’t think it was from the group you featured. Not that it wasn’t, it just didn’t sound the same (of course, I’m getting old-so my memory is shot). Do you know if it was done by anyone else?

    I agree. November would be a good BROWN month!

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