When I Was Younger

Looking through my local paper, I noticed that this week is Humans vs. Zombies week at school campuses across the country and the world? I read the article, seeing that my old university has participated in HvZ since 2005. Then I had to pout because we never had fun stuff like that when I was in school!

Of course, that might be because we didn’t have zombie movies at that time. No, we had the Scream movies and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Maybe if 28 Days had come out in the late 90s, we might have started thinking about the zombiepocalypse instead of our friends killing our families. In fact, we were doing a lot of fighting and stuff, but not against cool things like zombies and ghouls. No, we were fighting ourselves. Literally. Hello, Fight Club.

Now though, kids in college these days have the option of joining in the fight against the dreaded zombies. How cool is that? I discussed this with a friend of mine. We lamented that kids these days have no idea what college was really like before the fun games on campus. We actually avoided studying the old-fashioned way: By sitting at the Student Union and playing pedro (a card game common in south Louisiana). We’d wait for Crawfish Day with great anticipation of food and beer. We’d stay out all night on weeknights only to show up for class with bags under our eyes and heads about to implode. That’s the way it used to be done.

Not pretending to be zombies and playing tag around campus. *sniff* Although, if we had had this kind of game going on when I was in college, it wouldn’t have been very sporting. I mean, we smoked and drank, so we’d have been zombies within seconds. Now isn’t that an amusing thought? A plethora of drunk zombies stumbling all over campus trying to snag cigarettes and pizza slices instead of humans. *snickers* We weren’t that bad, but it’s a funny thought. It could even be a zombie movie spoof! Bwahaha!

Ah well, I suppose each generation has to have its vices. What would you have done if humans vs zombies had come out when you were in college?

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  1. I don’t know that they could have come out during my college years since I went back in the dark ages. HEHE

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