A Great Big Blank

I have no idea what to talk about today. I could go on and on about my precious nephew and how he smiled at me while I was putting him to sleep, but really, that would totally ruin my rep, wouldn’t it?

I could talk about how I ran over my bare foot with the trash can when I was putting it out to the road on Saturday morning. Seriously y’all, if you’ve never had a full trash can roll over the very edge of your foot before, I wouldn’t recommend it. All I can really say is thank goodness I’m wearing thick boots today.

I could also talk about the severe whooping the Saints put on the Colts last night. I went to bed in the 3rd quarter, but I wake up this morning to see we won 62-7. 62-7! It reminds me of some of the games my college football team played against the bigger Texas schools. You know the ones I’m talking about. Their cheerleaders would run out into the end zone after a touchdown and the male cheerleaders would do push-ups to equal how many points they had on the board. By the end of that particular game, the boys could barely lift themselves. I think we lost 65-10. *wince* Needless to say our band spent more time jeering at the refs, making up cheers, and trying to play the fight song to rally our team. *snort*

Regardless of my lack for anything truly entertaining to say, it was a lovely weekend. How was yours?

By the way, I’m blogging over at Dark Temptations talking about my idea of a perfect Halloween.

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  1. sounds like a nice weekend at chez Avet. What a crazy score that was!

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