Cajun French: Nicknames

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this post is about my newest nephew, Bennett. Yesterday I had the chance to cuddle and coo over him like the silly old maid aunt I’ve become. God, did I just say that? I almost said spinster too. Damn me for re-reading all of Mary Balogh’s books the last two weeks!

Anyway, we were talking about possible nicknames for Bennett. Naturally, some people will call him Bennie, which is fine except it’ll mean an instant segue into “B-B-B-Bennie and the jets”. Trust me, it will happen. I thought of the nickname B.D., but his maternal grandparents said no to that as they were both teachers and B.D. means behavior disorder. I may have mentioned that since this is my brother’s child, that might be an apt nickname. Then someone mentioned his little sideburns (They’re sooo cute) and my mom said he looked like Elvis. That became a possible nickname as well, but no, I can’t call my nephew Elvis with a straight face.

And nicknames are important, you know. I know someone nicknamed pas bon which means no good. My dad used to be called Cotton Top since he had white blonde hair. I call my niece Megan, Ma-Meg. My mom is Cookie, my uncle is Bubba, my aunt is Denie. My nephews had an assortment of nicknames ranging from Squatty (because Bryan’s legs would never straighten) to Beast to B, and for Patrick, he was Lou-Lou, Loubie, Patty Wag, Patter-Melt, and now Bobby Hebert (don’t ask). My stepsister is called Shu-Shu by her family because she liked to play with shoes when she was a baby.

I won’t even talk about my childhood nickname since I hated it and will kill anyone who calls me that. Instead, I’ll mention how my brother couldn’t pronounce my real name and called me Pepi instead. That became my nickname among the relatives younger than me while my sister shortens my name like I do hers. Our brother wasn’t as fortunate, being called Philly, Phe-Phe Bug (shortened to Phe-Phe and later Phe), and Charlie.

Coming up with a nickname for Bennett won’t be easy. I figure we’ll wait until he develops a personality. Maybe he’ll be a perfect little gentleman who fits the name Bennett. There’s no telling where this will go, but as soon as I know, I’ll let y’all know.

For now, I think we’ll call him sha, or t-bebe, or patot, or t-tot, or little man.


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6 responses to “Cajun French: Nicknames

  1. potato, patot….ha-ha interesting!!!

  2. Funny that you all have nicknames. I agree about Bennie and the Jets. LOL! I have to tell you, I absolutely HATE little man. It’s very popular but it grates on me for some reason. Kind of like the Bawk-bawk my staff says on occasion- I have no idea what the heck it means, but they say it about once a day.

    Enjoy the little dude (see I didn’t say man) – be that awesome aunt I know you are!

  3. He’s my nephew, of course he’ll have a sense of humor! LOL

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