Cajun French

I wasn’t sure how to spell today’s word and all of my online searches were for nothing.

Before I get to it, let me just explain why I chose today’s word. In my day job, I do environmental work. This week we were looking at a site to do soil, water, and other sampling. This meant I was in the field two days in a row with no cover in sight. The place we were checking out was a pogey fish factory. Pogey are bait fish and the company who owned the property used to produce fish oils and other things. And I will say this, there is nothing that smells worse than pogey fish. *shudder*

I spent two days roaming all over this property, the remnants of the production still clinging to some areas…and clinging to me. Combined with sweat, I was quite malodorous by the time I got home each day and I remember thinking, “Mais, I stink the faloos!

Then I tried to remember what the hell a faloo was anyway. I’ve heard the phrase “stink like the faloos” all my life, but have no idea what it’s supposed to smell like other than bad. I suppose it’s a puppy-dog smell when they’ve been outdoors. It’s just not a pleasant scent and you all know how I am about smelling good, so for me to say this about myself…well, it was a nightmare.

I just discovered through my Cajun connection, that he’s never heard of this term before so chances are it isn’t Cajun French at all, but possibly a made-up word from my grandfather. Oh well, hopefully I won’t smell like the faloos again anytime soon!


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2 responses to “Cajun French

  1. awesome. I bet it’s a made up word. Grandfathers are notorious for that. Mine had several.

    I hope you don’t smell like the faloos anytime soon either. I’ll make a note not to have my Cajun character use this one so I won’t get killed by the Cajun police- who are related to the historical police if you didn’t know.

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