It’s Monday Already?

Where do the weekends go? It feels like I barely had time to enjoy the days off when Monday rolled around again. It’s grossly unfair.

I got my hair done this weekend. For those of you who saw me at Nationals this summer, the blonde is mostly gone. Yup, we streaked the top with black, darkened the red up some, and refreshed the black on bottom. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely happy with it. It isn’t bright enough. *sniff*

Then came Sunday. Oh, man…what are the Saints trying to do to me? I’m lucky I have a voice today because I spent three hours screaming at the referees, screaming at the defense, screaming at Steve Smith…it wasn’t a nice afternoon.

But then something happened. I got an e-mail from my agent who told me she liked my Christmas novella. Hello, big sigh of relief! I worried a lot since it was my very first novella, my very first purposely erotic story, and I put a completely different spin on Christmas. I keep expecting to be struck by lightning because of it. However, she liked it. She really liked it! Now I just have to finish the second novella and write a blurb for the third…and then I remembered my muse abandoned me last week.

What do I do now? I have things to do and that shameless hussy is hiding out in Vegas with a bevy of studly admirers! Except…I actually feel okay with the new pressure. I feel creative. I sat outside after the e-mails thinking about the revisions she suggested and read a Jo Beverley book. As I lost myself in the Malloren world, my brain started churning with ideas of how to simplify the story and how to make it feel more natural. I think I have this.

I suppose this is why I’m a good Saints fan. Like my boys in black and gold (which, funnily enough is how my hair looks now), I sail through the first edits with no problem, but after half-time (the submission), I freak. I only hope I can pull a win off in the 4th quarter like they do.

Was that a horrible analogy? LOL

I almost forgot to mention I also worked on Romance Trading Cards this weekend. I’ve been slacking in regards to marketing my 4th book, so knew I needed to buckle down and make the cards. I think they came out well, what do you think?





















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6 responses to “It’s Monday Already?

  1. Yep. It’s Monday already. Weekends go fast, don’t they?? 😦 But, I have today off because of Columbus day. So, no work for me again until WEDNESDAY! Woot!

  2. Being a Seminole, I’m trying to block football out of my mind!
    Congrats on whipping your muse into shape. Sometimes you got to be tough with the old girl!

  3. Congrats on the novella like by your agent. I know some of that one and I think it’s a wicked cool idea. Love the trading cards. I need you to teach me how- yours always look so awesome!

    Loved the football analogy.

    • I’d be glad to help! I can’t do fancy-schmancy stuff, but once I remembered where everything was on the program, I made these in about an hour. And thanks! It feels good to get some positive feedback from her.

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