Life is Just a Fantasy

OMG, I can’t believe I remembered that line. You know, from Aldo Nova? Bwahahah! I guess my brain is on track this morning. Either that or I’m in an 80s mood because while I dressed this morning “Eye of the Tiger” played on loop in my head. It’s hard being me sometimes *sigh*

There isn’t much to report. Um, well not since yesterday at least. I watched football…ate some Moose Tracks ice cream which is now my favorite thing in the whole world and I could kill my oldest nephew for telling me about it. I mean, it’s the perfect ice cream! It’s vanilla with chocolate fudge swirls and chips and then to top it off it has chunks of chocolate covered peanut butter. *swoon* It’s almost as awesome as Gerard Butler…except Gerard wouldn’t go straight to my hips…although…heh heh.


So the fantasy part of this post has to do with what’s going on in my family. There are six of us playing fantasy football like we do every season. Don’t leave! I swear it’s a good story! Anyway, fantasy football is fun…if you win. Do you want to know what my rank is right now in both leagues I’m in? 5 of 8 and 4 of 4. Yup, you got it, I suck. I wish I could say I don’t get it, but I do. I don’t get the big name quarterbacks…oh, I lied. I finally got Peyton Manning after playing this game for three years…and he’s on injured reserved! Gah!

But the best part of it is I may not do well in fantasy football, but I kick serious ass in the pick ’ems. You know, each week you pick which teams you think will win and you assign confidence points to support our picks. I’m in a college pick ’em and an NFL pick ’em and I lead in both. Booyah! *victory dance in the end zone* I know, it’s sad. But really, I have to lord it over my relatives somehow and obviously that won’t happen on the field of battle. No, I have to take my wins in the shadowy pick ’ems league. *sigh*

There was some discussion at the book party about the Gronkowski brothers. Do you know how I’m talking about? If you don’t, here you go…take a look at this:

These are the Gronkowski brothers, Dan, Rob, and Chris. Do I like the fact that two play for the Patriots *growls* and one plays for the Colts *sniff*? No, not really. I mean look at them! The shortest of the trio is 6’2″! They’re like modern-day vikings…and they’re all muscled with short hair and tight butts and rar, okay, so I don’t just watch football for the sport. There’s a lot of man candy waiting to be discovered. But…I do like the game as well. Honest!

Anyway, that’s my bit of nonsense for today. But before I leave you, here’s a little ditty to get you through your Tuesday


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2 responses to “Life is Just a Fantasy

  1. Ok. here’s a flavor of Ben and Jerry’s that’s like crack – It is the one with reese’s peanut butter cups in it. DIE! all the chocolate has gone to my head and I can’t remember the name right now- but get some.

    AND I bet Gerry would totally go to your hips!! AND I totally get the watching football for those snug pants. Reminds me of breeches and boots!! My all time fav thing!

    • Yeah, there’s another plus side to watching historical movies…the really tight pants, LOL. I must find this Ben and Jerry’s then. I do like peanut butter, especially in ice cream. Nom nom.

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