Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday!

I took a vacation day so I can prepare myself for the book reading tomorrow night. Okay, I’m sick to my stomach with nerves, but I’m going to be just fine…as long as I don’t have one of my infamous choking fits, or start slurring my words and leaving things out…oh hell, I’m a nervous wreck.

Anyway, today I have plans. Big plans. My dog has an appointment with the groomer—no, she isn’t coming to the book party, but she gets pampered when mommy gets pampered. I’m hoping to get a pedicure and at some point, have my car cleaned out by a professional. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve vacuumed the thing for two years…yeah, taking care of cars is so not my thing. Then I have to swing by Bent Pages to pick up the books for the party. Independent booksellers rock! Just sayin’.

But you’re not here for any of that. You don’t want to read about my “OMG What am I going to wear” panic, or my “Do I wear heels or sandals” freak out, or my “Holy cow, I need to buy food for the beasts” wailing. You’re here for the menz…and you know I have them.

So feast your eyes on this naughty little bit of man candy:

Oooh yes. He’s another one of those gorgeous rugby players…I really have to start watching this sport. Do they take their shirts off and pose? If they do, do they need oil girls? Cause I feel the need for a career change…*bites her knuckle* Rowr, this man has a flippin’ 8 pack. Do you see that? Or am I counting them wrong? *goes back to count again and again and again…*

Happy Friday y’all. Hopefully I’ll have pictures from the party on Monday! Have a safe weekend!


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5 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Woo-hoo!!!!! It’s FRIDAY!!!!! Enjoy your weekend, Danica!

  2. He is awesome!! Just the right smattering of hair in the right spots!!

    Have fun and I know it’ll be a blast! Can’t wait to see pics!

  3. Sorry, what did you say? 🙂

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