Cajun French: Ayeee

Uh, so I spent a long time trying to find an example of this, but didn’t have much luck. The Urban Dictionary says this means “what’s up”. In south Louisiana, this is kind of like a “wow!” or a yodel kind of thing.

It’s so hard to explain really. I just know that it’s terribly embarrassing if you’re graduating and your dad sends out this “AYEEE!” at the top of his lungs in a mostly quiet auditorium. *cough* It’s sort of similar to a yodel because the “a” part is a bit lower in octave and then it climbs to a higher pitch at the “e”.

I guess you could say it’s kind of like a cowboy’s “yeehaw” or a whoop since most of the time the “yodel” is used to express excitement. Just won a game? AYEEE! Kid’s graduating from high school/college? AYEEE! Just had some really good crawfish? AYEEE! You get the idea.

Now, I did find a clip of a commercial where the AYEEE is used, but the quality isn’t the best. You have to turn your volume up high to catch it. Meanwhile, I’m going to see if I can get a clip of my dad doing his AYEEE and play it for you in the future.



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8 responses to “Cajun French: Ayeee

  1. Ha! I actually knew what this one meant without having to read your definition. Wanna know what??? Swamp People-LOL!!!

  2. That was flipping hilarious! Thanks for sharing that commercial for KIA.

    • I don’t know if you remember, but last Christmas I played “Walking In the Woods with my Parrain” for Cajun French lesson day and the singer of that song is the same guy in the commercial. His name is Ron “Black” Guidry. He runs a swamp tour business here in the area.

  3. I’ve hear this one before! A lot. I love it, though and can’t wait to hear your dad.

  4. HA!!!! that was GREAT!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Lovin’ this, Danica! lol Don’t tell anyone, but when Hubby and I hit the French Quarter we (okay. sigh. I do) a loud A-yeee whoop from the top of the two steps going down into Jackson Square. By the time we get to the statue of Andrew Jackson, any of my metaphysical friends within hearing is there waiting. My friend Storm does the same thing. Hubby kind of cringes when I yell, and drags his feet following me. Poor baby! He gets so embarrassed sometimes! LOL

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