Cajun French: Pis au lit

It’s Thursday and I couldn’t be happier unless it was actually Friday. It’s been a long, drawn-out week. I’m ready for my weekend and some time writing.

But that isn’t what today is about. Today I’m talking flowers. Well, one flower in particular. There are these little yellow flowers my mom said not to pick because they’d make me wet the bed…funny, huh? Well, I don’t think the golden rod has that power, but the name we use for it kind of sounds like it might. Here we call golden rods pis au lits (pronounced pees-o-lee). I’ve also heard it called the pee-pee flower *snickers*

As a kid, everything came out sounding like swear words. Pittsburg was Pissburg. Pis au lit was piss-o-lee. What can I say? When I was five, I wanted a reason to swear.

It’s kind of funny, but the pis au lit does have medicinal benefits. Apparently, herbal practitioners use this weed in tonics to counter inflammation and irritation caused by bacterial infections or kidney stones. It’s also been used to aid in the cleansing of the kidney/bladder. How’s that for Mom being right?

It makes sense that the people who came here would find a use for the flora they discovered. I just find it hilarious that its use and Cajun name kind of go together.


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5 responses to “Cajun French: Pis au lit

  1. LOL! my grandaddy was like the original natural food and herbal medicine kind of guy. People thought he was nuts when I was a kid, but now it turns out he was right about all these plants.
    Great post – I love reading the Cajun folklore.

    • Those old remedies had to have some truth to them otherwise none of us would be here, you know? Modern sciencists just doesn’t like to admit that some old guy/woman in 1700 probably knew as much about the body as they do, LOL

  2. YIPES! I’m Super-Duper-Uber allergic to this- it can send me into such a sneezing, watery-eyed, itchy nosed state that you’d think I was a dragon that backsnorted his own fire. It’s bad, bad, bad stuff!!! And now I have another name to call it that doesn’t sound so, well… golden.

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