The Theme Change

I only have two more weeks in the summer remake series I started way back in June…or was it May? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look over my old posts. It might seem silly, but it’s preyed on my mind since I realized summer is almost officially over. What am I going to do for What’s Playing Wednesdays? Sure, I could go back to letting my MP3 player randomly select a song for your entertainment, but that wasn’t as much fun as the remake series.

So I’m thinking of doing a color theme every month. Sound weird? Yeah, probably so, but I think I can d it. I used to work on a riverboat cruise…as a cocktail waitress. (Liberal arts degrees are not the way to go, my young friends!) I was only onboard for two weeks. In that time, I’d fallen out of my bunk and had to go to a hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. I had scalding hot water splashed up both of my arms and was wrapped up like a mummy by the first mate.

But it wasn’t all horrible. Sure, I had two mental breakdowns and cried my eyes out because I just could not understand the computer system we had to put our drink orders in, but what I did enjoy was the people I served. There was this one couple in their 70s. Each day, the husband wore the same shirt just in different colors. I thought it was funny and on the 2nd day after noticing, I would sing a song to him for whatever color shirt he wore. His wife was delighted and I think she went out of her way to choose colors I might not be able to find a song for. It’s a good thing my family had such eclectic tastes in music because she wasn’t able to stump me.

So I think that’s going to be the theme change on What’s Playing Wednesdays. I’ll only do the basic colors, mind you, but each month will have a different color and I’ll pick a song to go with it. Hopefully…I’m not sure about brown…I’ll have to research that one. Oh! I know at least one song, LOL. Anyway, this will start in October. I hope it doesn’t bore anyone!

Do you have any other music themes you wouldn’t mind seeing on What’s Playing Wednesday? I did also think about song title similarities…you know two songs from different genres with the same title, or I could do a decade by decade theme…hm. Lots to think about. Maybe I should’ve been a DJ instead of a writer.


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4 responses to “The Theme Change

  1. Can’t wait- sounds like UBER fun!!!

  2. I can’t imagine brown being hard (um… Brown Sugar?), but I think I want to see what you come up with for orange!

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