Fantasy Man Friday

I have mixed feelings this morning. On one hand, it’s a gorgeous day, it’s Friday, and it’s also Fantasy Man Friday. On the other hand, I have football hangover after my boys in black and gold lost to the Cheeseheads. *Sniff* I have dark circles under my eyes from staying up so late, my throat is sore from screaming at the television, and my dog acts like I’m a monster because I was screaming at the television. *sniff sniff*

However, it is Friday, specifically Fantasy Man Friday and I spent a lot of time this week looking for a gorgeous man. I didn’t realize I’d need him to boost my morale—and other things. *cough*

So today won’t be a long-winded post. I just don’t have the words and I have this guy waiting for me to cheer me up.

Uh, don’t worry about the chains. I swear he’s wearing them of his own free will. *cough* All those muscles…nom, nom, nom. I feel better already!

Happy Friday, y’all, and have a safe weekend!


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6 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Woot!!! Happy FRIDAY!!!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

  2. Sorry our boys lost. Weep, weep.

    Nice dude, though!

  3. I won’t comment on the game and leave it at that (I’m a Rams & Steelers fan anyways – born into the Rams, married into the Steelers).

    Good choice for Mr. Fantasy Man today. I like!

    Happy Friday!

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