Cajun French: Boucherie

It’s been a crazy week! Today is day 4 of my blog tour and I’m over at Deep In the Heart of Romance ( with a guest blog and excerpt of Ain’t No Bull. There are giveaways going on as well at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews (, and an excellent review and giveaway over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind ( Sorry for the long URLs, my wordpress is hating me lately. *sigh*

Anyway. How many of you watch No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain? I don’t normally. Oh, sure there was a time when I had to watch it every week, but I moved away from it after a few seasons. This week though, I simply had to watch. Why? Because Anthony Bourdain was in Cajun Country. Serious Cajun Country in a little town called Breaux Bridge, The Crawfish Capitol of the World.

Here’s a clip (the opening of the show):

Anthony got to experience a real Cajun boucherie (pronounced boo-sha-ree). It’s a pig slaughter, simple as that. What isn’t so simple though, is the process. The entire set-up has to be perfect and families who’ve worked together years have it down to a quick and easy process which has the pig slaughtered and butchered in a matter of minutes.

It doesn’t end there though. Every part of the pig is used in some recipe whether it’s grattons, hogshead cheese, boudin, stew, bbq, or sausage. I’ve only been to one boucherie and I didn’t have to experience the entire process. I just got to eat really great food. (Have I mentioned how much I adore grattons (cracklins))?

What I loved about the show this week though, was that America got to see something we take for granted here. Ready for it? The men cook. Yup, you heard me right. One of the people in the show even said that. Men in south Louisiana love to cook. And I don’t just mean stews and barbeques and seafood boils. These men are taught by their mamas, or their daddies, to make extravagant dishes using old family recipes and don’t tell them they’re doing it wrong because they will argue with you!

I never really gave it much thought, but Anthony Bourdain pointed it out that none of the people are professional chefs, yet they all know what they’re doing, or point out what someone else is doing wrong. It made me laugh because I’ve heard way too often a couple of men talking like this:

Mais, you call this spaghetti?

Hey, I don’t have the right spices!

I’ve made a spaghetti over here and it didn’t come out like this.

If you think you can do better…

Get the idea?

How about where you’re from? Do men get into deep conversations about ingredients and the proper way to make anything that doesn’t involve a grill?


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4 responses to “Cajun French: Boucherie

  1. My hubby loves to talk cooking. He love the food network. Me….not so much. LOL!!!!

  2. My son is an excellent cook! He loves all that, too and we took some classes from Big Kevin in New Orleans- making a roux is a talent my son has cultivated.

    As to cracklins, UGH!! My MIL used to make cracklin bread- cornbread with that nasty stuff in it- talk about a grease fest. LOL!

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