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Guest Blogger: Grant Strickland

Hey y’all, today I have a very special hunk guest, Grant Strickland! It took me a lot of work to convince him to join us for the guest blogging week, but he’s here and I hope y’all will be sweet to him!

Take it away, Grant!

Er, thanks Danica. Ahem.

Okay, I don’t know what the hell to talk about.

Just act normal, Grant and no swearing!

Right. So…I’m Grant Strickland and I’m a Taurus. Heh heh.

Seriously, I am. Well, I’m a minotaur, but it’s almost the same thing. I really hate talking about myself. I’d rather talk about this crazy assed woman I just met. She’s an Amazon and day-um, is she fu fine…she’s fine.

She’s also crazy. Did I mention that already? I mean, it’s not like I knew the nymphs were planning to kidnap me or anything. I thought they were ready for a little—

Grant! Language!

Damn, uh, Darn, sorry Danica. Anyway, I was following nature’s course, you know? A group of sexy nymphs feels up a guy in a bar and what’s he to think? I’ll tell you what he’s thinking, he’s thinking *looks at Danica* uh, that they want to um, talk and uh…stuff. Next thing I know, this gorgeous woman appears out of nowhere. Dark hair, dark eyes…big *looks at Danica again* uh, personality!

Did I mention she’s gorgeous? Man, that woman ties me in knots. It wasn’t the best way to meet, but it wasn’t like I expected to meet my mate just then. My mom is going to have a cow. Heh heh. No, seriously, she will. She’s got this crazy idea that I actually want to be tied down to a cow-swan. Do you know what cow-swans do all day? Nothing! Well, I mean, they’re housewives and stuff like that, which is cool, but I like my women to be spirited.

And boy, is Isola spirited. She’s so sexy and strong and hot and yes, crazy and I can’t get enough of her. I like how loyal she is to her Amazon sisters, although I could really do without that damn incubus hanging around. *mutters under his breath* Thinks he’s sexy because he’s got that fancy French accent. He wouldn’t sound so great if I cut off his—

Grant, really!

Whatever, Danica. He annoys the hell out of me even if he is one of Isola’s best friends. I mean, who’s friends with a sex demon anyway. Honestly! All I know is that he’d better keep his fingers off my woman or he’ll find out what the Minotaur Rage is all about.

I really didn’t mean to get off the subject, but Isola’s mine. She doesn’t like it much. Okay, she doesn’t like that at all. She’s fighting pretty hard against it, but I just know I can charm her over to my way of thinking. We’re made for each other. Every time she touches me, I swear my nose rings burns. And those leather pants she wears…holy horse, is she fine. I think I might be in love.

Is it supposed to feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach and then had your intestines ripped out? Maybe you guys can tell me since I’m new to this “love” thing. And look, let’s not tell Isola about this, okay? She gets kind of antsy when I tell her she’s my mate.

Um…thanks, Grant. Well y’all? Are you going to help a clueless minotaur out? What’s it like being in love? What kind of advice could you give Grant on how to tame a wild Amazon like Isola Malone? And to give y’all an idea of what she’s up against, here’s a picture of a man who kind of looks like Grant:

I do not look like friggin’ Brad Pitt!

Um, of course not, Grant. You’re much better looking. It’s just a…reference for our readers. Your hair is much thicker and not as long, your eyes are bluer, and your face more chiseled.

*grunt* I’m also taller, have bigger muscles…all over *wink*


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for the end of another week! Hopefully this weekend will be less traumatic than the last two were. I’m ever hopeful.

I’m excited to announce that next week I’m having a week of guest blogs. How awesome is that?? Only one of the blogs is by a real person though. Kristin Miller, author of Intervamption, will be stopping by on Tuesday. I met Kristin in NYC at our agency cocktail party and thought she was awesome. I hope you’ll stop by to visit with her and ask her about the guy who does her pedicures! (It’s a great story, I swear!)

The rest of the week, I’m allowing the characters in my latest release, Ain’t No Bull, full reign. I know, I know. I have to be out of my mind to let them take over the blog, but I think you’ll enjoy it and it’ll give me a little bit of a break. On Monday, Grant Strickland, minotaur, security expert, and hero will be by talking about something or other. I wasn’t going to allow his mother time on the blog, but she’s the most insistent cow-swan it’s ever been my displeasure to meet. Then on Thursday, we’ll have Fallon Plaisance, Cajun incubus and one of Izzy’s best friends over. Izzy insisted on having Fantasy Man Friday and let me tell you, that Amazon likes to have her way.

They’re help prepare y’all for the seven-day blog tour I have coming up at the end of August and beginning of September, so be sure to stop by and learn more about these crazy wonderful characters and the awesome Kristin Miller.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Fantasy Man. Last week’s man was…wow, those shorts…that’s really all I can say. How could I possibly do better? I probably can’t, but this little morsel is muy caliente!

That’s a come-and-get-me pose if there ever was one. Those abs!! Those jeans that really need to be unzipped…with my teeth, rar! *fans herself* Oooh yes.

Sorry! Sorry about that. *cough*

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend everyone! And no, you can’t have him, he’s mine! Alll mine! Bwahahaha!


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Cajun French: Colloquialisms

I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for my Cajun French lessons. Well, actually today will be a Cajun English lesson, so I should’ve titled it Cajun English. Eh, whatever.

There are a lot of things said here that can be confusing. I’ve already mentioned “Get down” which means to get out of your car and visit with someone. It does not mean to dance. Other little phrases are used in everyday language and most of the time we don’t realize we’re saying them.

“Make groceries”:
Whatcha doin’ today?
Oh, I have to go make groceries.
We’re not literally making anything. It means we’re going to the grocery store.

“Hahn? What’d you say?”
It’s our version of “huh”. It’s hard to explain but it’s a nasally sound with a flat a and a silent n. We say “huh” as well, but this one is more commonly said without us realizing it.

“Save your toys”:
Company’s comin’ over, go save your toys.
This does not mean the child’s toys are in danger, it means pick them up. We also use “Save your clothes” as in pick them up so they’re not wrinkled/messed-up, etc.

The doctor says I have to use the threadmill for twenty minutes a day.
Obviously they’re using a treadmill.

Just put the dishes in the zink.
It isn’t a strange new element, but the kitchen sink. This one used to drive me crazy when I was a kid.

Do you want a Coke?
Sure, what kind you got?
Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper…
Coke is every soft drink there is. I have no idea why, but that’s just the way it goes.

And for Star Wars fans, we had “Dark Vada” and “Light saver”:
Dark Vada was killed with a light sava.
Yeah, you know that isn’t what it’s supposed to be.

So those are just a few little things we say that might confuse a lot of people who aren’t from around here but make perfect sense to us. I’m sure I’ll remember some more, so expect another post like this in the future.

Have you ever heard/used any of these phrases?


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Remaking Peter Gabriel

It’s me again, back with another song in the summer remake series! I came across today’s song years ago, but had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago. I love the original and the remake is just outstanding (or at least I think it is…so far y’all are not liking my remakes!) 😉

Peter Gabriel is one of those musicians who can do pretty much anything and you’re kind of dragged along for the ride. How many of you sing along to “In Your Eyes” when you hear it? Or “Sledgehammer”? Remember that video? Yeah…weird. But before Say Anything and Peter’s amazing success with “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time”, he had a song called “Shock the Monkey”.

I remember this video because it was so weird and I felt sorry for the cute little monkeys. Now the way the video is you’d think it’s a song about animal rights, but according to Mr. Gabriel, it’s a song about jealousy and how it can reveal your basic instincts. *shrug* Whatever, it’s a good song.

In 1999, an alternative metal band called Coal Chamber teamed up with none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne for the remake. It’s hard, it’s edgy, it’s downright awesome as far as I’m concerned. Of course, this isn’t supposed to be about me, but you. So what do you think of the remake?

The Original:

The Remake:


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One Track Mind

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably realize by now that I have a few…quirks. Okay, a lot of quirks. You can probably even name a few: I have an almost unhealthy fixation on gorgeous men, I’m paranoid about deodorant (I finally found one I really like, by the way), and I talk about my family a lot.

However, this week I discovered another quirk. No, wait. I already knew it was there, but I ignored it. I’ve mentioned before that when I was in college I used to play a multi-user dungeon (MUD a.k.a. a text-based D&D game online). There was some fear that I wouldn’t graduate because I spent hours and hours playing this game. It was so bad that I would sleep and dream directions. In the game, to move around you had to type out “n” for north, “s” for south, etc. In my dreams I’d frantically think “n, n, nw, w, w, w, w, w, s, s, s, sw, se” to get from one part of my dream world to another.

I thought I’d grown out of that, but apparently not. As I was driving through town the other day, I saw the frame of a house and my immediate thought was, “If I used the right angle, I could knock it down with one of those red birds.” You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I blame it all on Angry Birds.

It's an addiction or something.

I’m a little late in the phone game…game. My last phone sucked the big one, but this new phone has expanded my horizons and after getting a tutorial on Angry Birds from one half of the Sable Grace writing team and watching the guy next to me on the plane from NYC play it for two hours, I had to give it a try.

When I got the new phone, the first thing I did was download Angry Birds and it quickly became an obsession. An obsession that follows me everywhere I go because the phone is never out of my reach. I’ve played it on break at work, I’ve played it on breaks between writing scenes, and I’ve even played it for a few minutes at my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when I see a house frame, my brain instantly tries to figure out how to knock it down. I’m not sick. Not really. It isn’t as though I’m going to buy a bunch of stuffed birds and start hurling them at a house. They’d lock me away! No, I’ll just imagine which ones I’d use and which angles to use and how many points I’d get for it.

See the similarities? (No, this isn't the house I saw, but it's close)

What are your obsessions? Do you play a game that ghosts your every step? Don’t make me be the only one to confess!


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Back To Normal?

Is it possible to hit the rewind button on life? Someone should really invent one because if I could, I’d hit that sucker and go back a couple of weeks ago before everything went bonkers.

I’m not going to reiterate the problems from last weekend, but you can read about it here. No, this weekend offered its own problems. As I mentioned on Friday, our a/c went out. With 102 degree days, I stayed home to make sure my animals were safe and as cool as possible while waiting for the repairmen. They replaced our unit and everything went back to being cool.

For twenty-four hours. That’s right. Saturday night, after a nice time at my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I decided to do some writing. I was feeling the buzz of creativity which means I stayed up later than usual. I stepped into the kitchen to replenish my water and smelled something “off”. I called in the mother lode to find out if she smelled it too.

Yup. Something was burning in the house. We called in the cavalry (my uncle and brother) to do some investigating. We looked all over the house for the problem but couldn’t find it. So I called my cousin’s husband who’s a firefighter. He suggested opening the air conditioner door and turning the a/c on. It’s a damn good thing he did that.

Yes! We had flames coming off the a/c motor! Frantic calls to the repairmen at nearly midnight resulted in them telling us they’d try to show up the following day. They did, by the way, but Saturday night was spent in full on “this-is-almost-as-bad-as-post-hurricane-electricity-outages” mode. Luckily, we have fans and turned those suckers on the circulate the air as much as possible.

Sunday dawned and the guys showed up…only to say they’d have to return on Monday to replace the cooling coils. *slump* They fiddled with the unit enough that we could turn it on, but not nearly as cool as we like it. The house started cooling off again…then the electricity went out.

As we were sitting outside watching the stormy weather, I looked at my mom and said, “Obviously we weren’t meant to have cool air this week. It was destiny.”

So what has fate thrown your way lately?


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Fantasy Man Friday

In case you missed all the drama this week, there’s been a lot going on. Broken pinky toe (me), snake in the kitchen, and now a broken air conditioner. It’s been out 24 hours now and we’re waiting for the repairman to replace the unit.

So I’m operating on about 3 hours of sleep in a hot house with a cat and a dog who keep staring at me like they’re saying, “Hey, you…biped…make it cool in here again!” Yeah, it’s not very pleasant which is why I made sure today’s Fantasy Man was cool.

Of course while searching for him, I almost used pictures of men I’ve posted before. There are so many men and I’ve sampled admired them all (well most of them anyway), that I sometimes get confused over who’s been featured on my blog and who hasn’t.

This guy hasn’t and I do love looking at this picture, not just for the “oh, that looks so refreshing” value, but for the “wow…that water has done wonderful things for his clothes” shot.

What do you think?

Mm, yeah, looks so nice and refreshing and…oh, who the hell am I kidding! I want to BE the water 😉

Happy, cool Friday to everyone. Have a safe weekend!


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