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Remaking Peter Gabriel

It’s me again, back with another song in the summer remake series! I came across today’s song years ago, but had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago. I love the original and the remake is just outstanding (or at least I think it is…so far y’all are not liking my remakes!) 😉

Peter Gabriel is one of those musicians who can do pretty much anything and you’re kind of dragged along for the ride. How many of you sing along to “In Your Eyes” when you hear it? Or “Sledgehammer”? Remember that video? Yeah…weird. But before Say Anything and Peter’s amazing success with “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time”, he had a song called “Shock the Monkey”.

I remember this video because it was so weird and I felt sorry for the cute little monkeys. Now the way the video is you’d think it’s a song about animal rights, but according to Mr. Gabriel, it’s a song about jealousy and how it can reveal your basic instincts. *shrug* Whatever, it’s a good song.

In 1999, an alternative metal band called Coal Chamber teamed up with none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne for the remake. It’s hard, it’s edgy, it’s downright awesome as far as I’m concerned. Of course, this isn’t supposed to be about me, but you. So what do you think of the remake?

The Original:

The Remake:


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One Track Mind

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably realize by now that I have a few…quirks. Okay, a lot of quirks. You can probably even name a few: I have an almost unhealthy fixation on gorgeous men, I’m paranoid about deodorant (I finally found one I really like, by the way), and I talk about my family a lot.

However, this week I discovered another quirk. No, wait. I already knew it was there, but I ignored it. I’ve mentioned before that when I was in college I used to play a multi-user dungeon (MUD a.k.a. a text-based D&D game online). There was some fear that I wouldn’t graduate because I spent hours and hours playing this game. It was so bad that I would sleep and dream directions. In the game, to move around you had to type out “n” for north, “s” for south, etc. In my dreams I’d frantically think “n, n, nw, w, w, w, w, w, s, s, s, sw, se” to get from one part of my dream world to another.

I thought I’d grown out of that, but apparently not. As I was driving through town the other day, I saw the frame of a house and my immediate thought was, “If I used the right angle, I could knock it down with one of those red birds.” You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I blame it all on Angry Birds.

It's an addiction or something.

I’m a little late in the phone game…game. My last phone sucked the big one, but this new phone has expanded my horizons and after getting a tutorial on Angry Birds from one half of the Sable Grace writing team and watching the guy next to me on the plane from NYC play it for two hours, I had to give it a try.

When I got the new phone, the first thing I did was download Angry Birds and it quickly became an obsession. An obsession that follows me everywhere I go because the phone is never out of my reach. I’ve played it on break at work, I’ve played it on breaks between writing scenes, and I’ve even played it for a few minutes at my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when I see a house frame, my brain instantly tries to figure out how to knock it down. I’m not sick. Not really. It isn’t as though I’m going to buy a bunch of stuffed birds and start hurling them at a house. They’d lock me away! No, I’ll just imagine which ones I’d use and which angles to use and how many points I’d get for it.

See the similarities? (No, this isn't the house I saw, but it's close)

What are your obsessions? Do you play a game that ghosts your every step? Don’t make me be the only one to confess!


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Back To Normal?

Is it possible to hit the rewind button on life? Someone should really invent one because if I could, I’d hit that sucker and go back a couple of weeks ago before everything went bonkers.

I’m not going to reiterate the problems from last weekend, but you can read about it here. No, this weekend offered its own problems. As I mentioned on Friday, our a/c went out. With 102 degree days, I stayed home to make sure my animals were safe and as cool as possible while waiting for the repairmen. They replaced our unit and everything went back to being cool.

For twenty-four hours. That’s right. Saturday night, after a nice time at my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I decided to do some writing. I was feeling the buzz of creativity which means I stayed up later than usual. I stepped into the kitchen to replenish my water and smelled something “off”. I called in the mother lode to find out if she smelled it too.

Yup. Something was burning in the house. We called in the cavalry (my uncle and brother) to do some investigating. We looked all over the house for the problem but couldn’t find it. So I called my cousin’s husband who’s a firefighter. He suggested opening the air conditioner door and turning the a/c on. It’s a damn good thing he did that.

Yes! We had flames coming off the a/c motor! Frantic calls to the repairmen at nearly midnight resulted in them telling us they’d try to show up the following day. They did, by the way, but Saturday night was spent in full on “this-is-almost-as-bad-as-post-hurricane-electricity-outages” mode. Luckily, we have fans and turned those suckers on the circulate the air as much as possible.

Sunday dawned and the guys showed up…only to say they’d have to return on Monday to replace the cooling coils. *slump* They fiddled with the unit enough that we could turn it on, but not nearly as cool as we like it. The house started cooling off again…then the electricity went out.

As we were sitting outside watching the stormy weather, I looked at my mom and said, “Obviously we weren’t meant to have cool air this week. It was destiny.”

So what has fate thrown your way lately?


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Fantasy Man Friday

In case you missed all the drama this week, there’s been a lot going on. Broken pinky toe (me), snake in the kitchen, and now a broken air conditioner. It’s been out 24 hours now and we’re waiting for the repairman to replace the unit.

So I’m operating on about 3 hours of sleep in a hot house with a cat and a dog who keep staring at me like they’re saying, “Hey, you…biped…make it cool in here again!” Yeah, it’s not very pleasant which is why I made sure today’s Fantasy Man was cool.

Of course while searching for him, I almost used pictures of men I’ve posted before. There are so many men and I’ve sampled admired them all (well most of them anyway), that I sometimes get confused over who’s been featured on my blog and who hasn’t.

This guy hasn’t and I do love looking at this picture, not just for the “oh, that looks so refreshing” value, but for the “wow…that water has done wonderful things for his clothes” shot.

What do you think?

Mm, yeah, looks so nice and refreshing and…oh, who the hell am I kidding! I want to BE the water 😉

Happy, cool Friday to everyone. Have a safe weekend!


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Cajun French: Rougarou

That’s right, I said rougarou,  not loupgarou. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if there’s a difference except in usage.

Rougarou is pronounced (roo-ga-roo) and loupgarou is pronounced (loop-ga-roo).

Most people have heard the word loupgarou, especially if they’ve read books, or watched movies pertaining to this part of the world. However, growing up, I’d never heard of a loupgarou. My mom used the rougarou to keep us in our places.

This is someone's interpretation of the rougarou at the Audobon Zoo in New Orleans. Scary, huh?

I was never entirely sure what the rougarou was except something I didn’t want to meet. Loupgarou is a werewolf and according to some sites, it seems that the rougarou is also a werewolf, the only difference is the word usage.

My mom used to say it was a swamp monster, never giving any specifics. She was crafty that way. I suppose the threats of being eaten by the rougarou as well as the hellacious ghost stories she used to tell me helped to make me a paranormal writer. I love writing about special beings whether they’re heroes or monsters.

Have you written about the rougarou or loupgarou?


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Remaking Michael Jackson

Okay people, snakes, broken toes, and magic kitties aside, it’s time for the summer music remake series! Yay!

Last week most of you chose Metallica’s version of “Whiskey in the Jar” which means for the first time since I started the series, the remake won! Wow! Who knew there were so many Metallica fans?

Anyway, today we’re tackling the King of Pop. I can freely admit that when I was a child, Michael Jackson was the coolest musician ever. As I got older, I found that I liked his music less and less. Now, now, before you decide to pelt me with white gloves, I’m not saying he was a bad musician. The man was beyond gifted. A talented musician and dancer, he was a true performer. See? I can be good!

It was hard for me to choose which song I wanted to show off. One of them was actually featured on American Idol. David Cook performed Chris Cornell’s (of Soundgarden and Audioslave) version of “Billie Jean” which I adore. However, I had to go with this song because it reminds me of my nephew.

The band Alien Ant Farm remade Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. I have to say I love this version. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and that guy can hit those Jackson-esque high notes. I also love the video.

So what do you think?

The original:

The remake:



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David Coppercat

Yeah, I saw magic kitties the other day.

It was the strangest thing and even though it happened days ago, my brain is still trying to figure out how it happened.

Here’s what went down:

I’m leaving my neighborhood, headed to work. There’s a pick-up truck in front of me. Nothing special, just a truck. All of a sudden, I see a kitten fly across the road, behind the truck, in front of my car. I slow down thinking “lucky kitty”.

Then another kitty appears and runs across the road.

Then another!

Three identical cats spring out of nowhere and race to the safety of the yards we’re passing.

I slowed down even more, my brain trying to assimilate what I’d just seen. I knew it couldn’t have been the same cat, disappearing and reappearing. At least I’m sure they weren’t the same. That idea put to rest, I then had to think about how in the hell the cats appeared out of thin air.

Were they in the bed of the pick-up truck? It’s a possibility, but it just doesn’t fit.

Were they on the opposite side of the road and decided to play a furry version of Leap Frog by seeing who could run between two vehicles without being run over? Um, well, kitties are little daredevils, so that’s a possibility as well.

Is there a David Coppercat in my neighborhood who can make kitties appear and disappear at will? Is this something I should worry about when my old cat “disappears” for a few hours? Is she taking lessons in feline magic? God, I hope not. With the kind of personality she has, that could only mean bad things. Like using me as her “assistant” she wants to saw in half with her claws. *shudder*

But none of those scenarios feel right. They just don’t fit.

I suppose I’ll have to let the magic kitty(kitties) keep their magic secrets, but man, it’s starting to drive me crazy!



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Is The Excitement Over?

I realize last week the reason I had lackluster blog posts is because I had very little material to write about. 

***Warning, this is a looong post.***

Boy, did I screw up. This weekend had to be the strangest, most painful weekend I’ve had since I passed kidney stones on my 30th birthday. Yeah, that was a stellar weekend, too.

So let’s see where it started. I’ve been bitching complaining about my cell phone for months and was counting down until my upgrade. On Friday, I discovered I was finally eligible! Yay! There was much rejoicing. I went to bed early on Friday night so I could get to the store bright and early. I did my nightly ritual of plugging in my cell to charge, walked around my bed and SLAM! broke my pinky toe on the bench at the foot of my bed. I just barely managed not to scream, but there was a lot of whimpering and “owowowowowowowow” sounds as I put myself in bed. There isn’t much you can do for a broken toe.

Saturday morning, my cell phone obviously knew it was about to take the long walk and refused to do anything but reboot. Constantly. I finally had to turn it completely off. I headed out to the store and hellooooo nurse! Cute sales rep worked with me. Unfortunately, I was flustered and kept getting my words mixed up saying “swap” instead of “swipe” and things like that. I got the phone, by the way, and it’s full of AWESOME! I’ve now discovered the joys of Angry Birds (I’m addicted and haven’t picked up my Kindle since Saturday morning) and Words with Friends. I heart my phone.

Sunday looked to be a great day. Just me and my phone. Because I’d stayed up so late Saturday playing Angry Birds, I took a nap…it was a nice nap, refreshing and relaxing. I opened my eyes with a happy sigh. That felt so—

A scream of absolute terror had me vaulting out of bed like I was a superhero. I swear, y’all, I was still half-asleep running through the house to find out why my mother was screaming like she’d just been stabbed. I see her, frozen in the kitchen, her eyes wide with terror.

Me: What’s wrong?
Mom: S-S-Snake!
Me: *jumping on the nearest high object and looking around* Where???

She points at a spot somewhere in front of here, which is nowhere near me (thank God), and I climb off the sofa to peek. There it was. A snake. About two and a half feet long and skinny. I couldn’t see any markings, but she assured me it was poisonous.

Holy. Crap.

I run back to my room to get my phone, my hands shaking so much I can barely browse through my contacts (forgetting I’d added my brother to favorites) and called him. In the most calm and collected voice I could manage, I told him about the snake.

He showed up wearing steel-toe boots, carrying a hoe and a shovel. This snake was going down! Except…the little beast had crawled under a cabinet and neither tool would fit. He tells me to keep an eye on it (which meant lying on the floor from a very safe distance away) while he goes to get something else. Meanwhile, Mom is still screaming, freaked out, in shock.

He comes back and realizes we don’t have a flashlight. He sends me to his house for one, while he keeps an eye on the snake and Mom, who still hasn’t moved, but is still screaming and babbling. To get her to move away from the area the snake was in, he threatened to throw it at her. (Did I mention my brother is just as phobic about snakes as we are and would probably have a heart attack if he had to touch one with his hands? In other words: Empty threat.) But it got her to move.

In the end, we got the snake out of the house where my brother then proceeded to take all of his fear out on it.

I was then tasked with the job of taking the flashlight and checking under and behind ever item of furniture we have in our house to look for more. Every peek under a cabinet, every close inspection under beds and behind bookcases, I held my breath as I prayed I wouldn’t find another one. I’ll take mice over snakes any day.

As we worked to calm ourselves in the aftermath, I mused that this had been one of the strangest weekends I’d had in a while. Oh it wasn’t all awful, don’t think that. I’m just very glad it’s over…

And that I got an awesome phone out of it…

And that we have a lamp we moved to the kitchen so we could keep an eye out for any other slithering things that might have gotten into the house.


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Fantasy Man Friday

I’ve been a horrible blogger this week. When I’ve managed to blog, it hasn’t been anything interesting. I’d like to blame my WIP on my lack of amusing posts, but it’s something worse than that. Real life. *shudders*

You know, real life…the one you live outside your books? The place we’d like to avoid, but are reminded of when you go to take a shower and realize you have no more clean towels? The place you have to return to when there’s nothing to eat? Yeah, that place. It’s been killing me this week, but I’m not going to moan about it.

I’d rather moan about something else. Like him:

I swear, I didn’t do that to his jeans. *polishes her halo* It’s Shark Week isn’t it? He looks like he might’ve run into a tiger shark…or a blue shark…no, I know. He ran into a Danica shark. Those things are clothes killing machines! They start out with little rips here and there and then go into a frenzy as smooth, muscular bodies are revealed. And then…

Well, you probably know what happens next. 😉

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend!


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Riding the Wave

No Cajun French today. I’ve had to dig deeper into my tangled brain for words and since my mind is currently occupied by the WIP I’m working on, the machete I’ve been using needs to be sharpened.

Yup, I’m working on a new WIP. Another one. Hopefully, my agent won’t be upset with me *cringes*. But I just had to write it. Again, I’m easing onto the limb of “never been here before”. The novella I’m writing right now isn’t a paranormal!

*waits for everyone to recover from their faints*

I know! It’s a contemporary erotic romance and I’m absolutely in love with it. I started last Friday and I’m at 18k, that’s how much I love it. I’m building on the BDSM theme I started in my last novella (which is a paranormal) and it feels more comfortable now. I know, a weird way to describe BDSM, huh?

Anyway, I love when writing is like this. It feels fresh, fun, and exciting the way my characters drive the story, even if I blush at what they do. It isn’t so much about the sub-genre, but them.

As I was working through what I would do for my next scene, I realized that I seem to have loosely fallen into a type of Cupid and Psyche type story without realizing it. How cool is that?

I wish I had more time to chat about this latest novella, but I hear my characters calling me!

Have you had any writing frenzies lately?


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