The Post That Almost Wasn’t

WordPress is giving me fits lately. *counts to ten* If I normally stop by your blog, I apologize for my absence. I can’t see any posts for blogs I subscribe to. This means I have to rely on my memory and that sucks. Seriously. To top it off, the silly thing doesn’t want to save this post. It’s almost like the blog is working against me. Maybe it doesn’t want me to embarrass myself if I say something idiotic. *snort* We all know it’s way too late for that!

In other news, today kicks off the start of my seven-day virtual book tour! Yay! It’s finally here! I’m nervous. What if no one visits me? I know Izzy said I could just take a sword to people and they’ll pay attention to whatever I have to say, but that seems so violent. I’d rather nag them into visiting me. Maybe y’all can help!

Tell everyone you know about the blog tour. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook. And…those other social media sites I never got around to joining. It’ll be fun! Today I’m over at Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews for an interview and giveaway. See? Free stuff! That’s where I’ll be. I’ll beat this blog one way or another!

And y’all, can you believe it’s already the end of August? Where did the summer go? I thought I had more time to mentally prepare for the book signing this weekend, but noooo, Father Time is fighting me as well. *sniff*

So while I huddle in a ball of insecurity and mumble about conspiracy theories, take a moment to enjoy this fun song because yeah, the Saints put a hurtin’ on the Raiders last night:


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4 responses to “The Post That Almost Wasn’t

  1. Got to love technology, right? Well, most of the time.

  2. YEP! Saints RULE!!!!

    Hope the blog tour is a success and it behaves for ya!

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