Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for the end of another week! Hopefully this weekend will be less traumatic than the last two were. I’m ever hopeful.

I’m excited to announce that next week I’m having a week of guest blogs. How awesome is that?? Only one of the blogs is by a real person though. Kristin Miller, author of Intervamption, will be stopping by on Tuesday. I met Kristin in NYC at our agency cocktail party and thought she was awesome. I hope you’ll stop by to visit with her and ask her about the guy who does her pedicures! (It’s a great story, I swear!)

The rest of the week, I’m allowing the characters in my latest release, Ain’t No Bull, full reign. I know, I know. I have to be out of my mind to let them take over the blog, but I think you’ll enjoy it and it’ll give me a little bit of a break. On Monday, Grant Strickland, minotaur, security expert, and hero will be by talking about something or other. I wasn’t going to allow his mother time on the blog, but she’s the most insistent cow-swan it’s ever been my displeasure to meet. Then on Thursday, we’ll have Fallon Plaisance, Cajun incubus and one of Izzy’s best friends over. Izzy insisted on having Fantasy Man Friday and let me tell you, that Amazon likes to have her way.

They’re help prepare y’all for the seven-day blog tour I have coming up at the end of August and beginning of September, so be sure to stop by and learn more about these crazy wonderful characters and the awesome Kristin Miller.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Fantasy Man. Last week’s man was…wow, those shorts…that’s really all I can say. How could I possibly do better? I probably can’t, but this little morsel is muy caliente!

That’s a come-and-get-me pose if there ever was one. Those abs!! Those jeans that really need to be unzipped…with my teeth, rar! *fans herself* Oooh yes.

Sorry! Sorry about that. *cough*

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend everyone! And no, you can’t have him, he’s mine! Alll mine! Bwahahaha!


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7 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. LMAO!! With your teeth??? You go then girl.

  2. Nice! I’ll be back for the guest posts next week. 🙂

  3. He looks like Hagen Dazs Coffee Ice cream to me … I just want to lick him all over … yummy.

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