One Track Mind

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably realize by now that I have a few…quirks. Okay, a lot of quirks. You can probably even name a few: I have an almost unhealthy fixation on gorgeous men, I’m paranoid about deodorant (I finally found one I really like, by the way), and I talk about my family a lot.

However, this week I discovered another quirk. No, wait. I already knew it was there, but I ignored it. I’ve mentioned before that when I was in college I used to play a multi-user dungeon (MUD a.k.a. a text-based D&D game online). There was some fear that I wouldn’t graduate because I spent hours and hours playing this game. It was so bad that I would sleep and dream directions. In the game, to move around you had to type out “n” for north, “s” for south, etc. In my dreams I’d frantically think “n, n, nw, w, w, w, w, w, s, s, s, sw, se” to get from one part of my dream world to another.

I thought I’d grown out of that, but apparently not. As I was driving through town the other day, I saw the frame of a house and my immediate thought was, “If I used the right angle, I could knock it down with one of those red birds.” You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I blame it all on Angry Birds.

It's an addiction or something.

I’m a little late in the phone game…game. My last phone sucked the big one, but this new phone has expanded my horizons and after getting a tutorial on Angry Birds from one half of the Sable Grace writing team and watching the guy next to me on the plane from NYC play it for two hours, I had to give it a try.

When I got the new phone, the first thing I did was download Angry Birds and it quickly became an obsession. An obsession that follows me everywhere I go because the phone is never out of my reach. I’ve played it on break at work, I’ve played it on breaks between writing scenes, and I’ve even played it for a few minutes at my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when I see a house frame, my brain instantly tries to figure out how to knock it down. I’m not sick. Not really. It isn’t as though I’m going to buy a bunch of stuffed birds and start hurling them at a house. They’d lock me away! No, I’ll just imagine which ones I’d use and which angles to use and how many points I’d get for it.

See the similarities? (No, this isn't the house I saw, but it's close)

What are your obsessions? Do you play a game that ghosts your every step? Don’t make me be the only one to confess!


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8 responses to “One Track Mind

  1. I don’t play often but I like pictureka. It’s mindless and fun. Lol.

    • Yes! It’s the sheer mindlessness of it that draws me in. I can just be for a while and it actually helps me when I get back to my manuscripts. Just like my need to play solitaire between scenes. It helps settle my brain.

  2. I’m not a gamer, but when I got the iPhone version of Boggle, I was fixated. Seriously. LOVE. THAT. GAME! But mostly my one track mind is writing. Once I get a story started, I’m fixated.

  3. KAK

    Pogo’s “Stack ‘Em” — it’s kind of like Tetris with farm animals. I’m not proud. I’m also avoiding driving by farms.

  4. scrabble addict! and also this game called harbor manor. Now if I could just find my ipod….

    • I’ve also started playing Words with Friends and even though I never seem to hit as many triple word squares as my opponents, I can’t stop playing because one day I will beat them!

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