David Coppercat

Yeah, I saw magic kitties the other day.

It was the strangest thing and even though it happened days ago, my brain is still trying to figure out how it happened.

Here’s what went down:

I’m leaving my neighborhood, headed to work. There’s a pick-up truck in front of me. Nothing special, just a truck. All of a sudden, I see a kitten fly across the road, behind the truck, in front of my car. I slow down thinking “lucky kitty”.

Then another kitty appears and runs across the road.

Then another!

Three identical cats spring out of nowhere and race to the safety of the yards we’re passing.

I slowed down even more, my brain trying to assimilate what I’d just seen. I knew it couldn’t have been the same cat, disappearing and reappearing. At least I’m sure they weren’t the same. That idea put to rest, I then had to think about how in the hell the cats appeared out of thin air.

Were they in the bed of the pick-up truck? It’s a possibility, but it just doesn’t fit.

Were they on the opposite side of the road and decided to play a furry version of Leap Frog by seeing who could run between two vehicles without being run over? Um, well, kitties are little daredevils, so that’s a possibility as well.

Is there a David Coppercat in my neighborhood who can make kitties appear and disappear at will? Is this something I should worry about when my old cat “disappears” for a few hours? Is she taking lessons in feline magic? God, I hope not. With the kind of personality she has, that could only mean bad things. Like using me as her “assistant” she wants to saw in half with her claws. *shudder*

But none of those scenarios feel right. They just don’t fit.

I suppose I’ll have to let the magic kitty(kitties) keep their magic secrets, but man, it’s starting to drive me crazy!



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3 responses to “David Coppercat

  1. LOL!! I started thinking MATRIX right away when NEO saw the cat, then saw the cat….LOL.

  2. I’m thinking invisible space ship, alien kitties checking out the lay of the land for the conquerers and all that jazz.

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