Fantasy Man Friday

It’s been another one of those weird weeks. Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend because I do like predictability in my weekdays.

One good thing that’s happened this week is that I finally finished my Christmas novella. Well, the first round of it at least. I did a quick edit and sent it to my CPs so they could tear it apart because to be honest, I was sick of looking at it. That’s one part of the writing process I don’t like, when you get to the point that you dislike your manuscript because you’ve been looking at it too long.

But that’s over with for now. I’m sure I’ll have lots of things to fix and that’s fine, I can handle that. Hopefully it doesn’t suck too much.

And now it’s Friday. The best day of the week in my opinion. I know last week I posted a very risqué picture and everyone thought Mr. Fantasy Man Friday had a snake on his lap. No, no, not that kind of snake! Y’all are so bad! LOL

I’m going to take it down a notch. I can’t let y’all get hot and bothered two weeks in a row! I don’t want to be responsible for single-handedly increasing the heat index in your part of the world. So I picked this guy:

He has a really nice…smile *cough* And that tattoo on his belly is intriguing, don’t you think? Kind of makes you wonder what it means. Directions to, er hidden areas? Like “This way to wonderland”? Or is it instructional? Hm, I wonder. I really wouldn’t mind finding out either!

Have a Happy Friday, y’all and a safe weekend!


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8 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. I pick directions of course. Tell me how you like it, big boy. lol. Great pic, hope your week is better or at least more normal next week! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. I love his smile. Very nice and sexy and the abs aint bad either!

  3. Okay, that tattoo in the middle of his stomach. Wow!!!!!!!!!

  4. KAK

    There is something about shirtless men in denim. ~fans self~

    Thanks for the total distraction today.

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