When Technology Sucks

I wasn’t sure what to blog about this morning, but then I looked at my cellphone and knew. Oh, yes. My cell and I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship.

Not to date myself, but I can remember the days before cell phones. On one hand, they were horrible. Got stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere? You had no way to call for help. These days, you have no problem. At the store and can’t remember the name of something? In the good old days, you had to wander around, find a payphone, and hope someone was at home to answer. Now, you just slip your cell out and dial another cell and bam! you know what you needed.

On the other hand, I actually miss not being tied to the phone. I could go wherever I wanted and didn’t have to worry about someone calling me (or texting me) constantly and ruining whatever Zen moment I was experiencing. I also miss not becoming so dependent on the bloody phone that when it doesn’t work correctly, I nearly have a stroke.

Which brings me back to the love-hate relationship. Last year, when I started dipping my toes in the social media pool, I decided I needed to buy a smart phone. I didn’t realize at the time that my smart phone didn’t like me. Oh, sure, things started out fine. I loved it, petted it, and nearly slept with it at night. It keeps me linked up to everything.

Then about four months ago, it started acting crazy. It would reboot itself and work fine for a long time. Then the reboots started happening more often until one day it rebooted itself all day long, sometimes getting stuck on the opening screen. I was having a fit and so was the phone. I’ve tried to return it, but yeah, just my luck the warranty ran out two months before the problems started.

So now I have a  phone I’m scared to use because it might start acting crazy. I use it gently, carefully, like a fragile egg…until it does go crazy right when I’m in the middle of a phone call or replying to an e-mail. Then I dream about throwing it at the nearest hard surface and jumping up and down on it screaming like a madwoman. Yes, it frustrates me beyond belief.

I think I’m due for an upgrade soon. I pray I can get a new phone that won’t make me hate it with my every breath. If I can, I’ve decided to hold a phone-smashing party. I’ll even take pictures of me taking my revenge on this little piece of technology that’s tempting me to violence.

What technology do you use that drives you insane? Pardon me while I curse at my phone.


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2 responses to “When Technology Sucks

  1. OH MY WORD I can totally relate. I am having internet issues. Went away to Sedona to get a ton of writing and such done, but no internet 😦 Lucky me, huh? I’m at the local Wild Flower and am gonna park it here for a few hours. . . . LOL

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