Release Day Eve

Okay, I’m excited. Can you tell? The fourth book in my Veil series, Ain’t No Bull, comes out tomorrow. I love release days. I do. Although I could do without the nausea and persistent feeling of impending doom that hangs over my head the morning I wake up on release day.

But enough about that. You still have time to enter to win a copy of the Daughters of Circe trilogy from Michele Zurlo. Just go to yesterday’s post and leave a comment about which strong woman in history you admire most.

Today is actually the birthday of one of the women I admire most. My mom. I talk about her a lot here on the blog because she’s influenced so much of my life. She’s behind a lot of the inspiration for my kick-ass heroines because she’s the strongest, most admirable woman I know. No, she isn’t an Amazon and she doesn’t carry a sword, dagger, whip, or machine gun (at least I don’t think she does. Her purse is kind of big though, so there’s no telling what’s in there). She isn’t a heroine in the traditional sense and that’s what I love about her.

Life isn’t easy for some people. It knocks them down, drags them behind it like a cowboy being dragged through town behind a horse, and then spits them out. But the people you have to admire are the ones who get up, dust themselves off, and go out looking for trouble all over again. That’s my mom. Not that she looks for trouble, but things haven’t always been rainbows and unicorns for her.

But she never fails to remain strong for those who rely on her. I can remember a friend of mine asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told him, “I want to be strong like my mom.” My answer hasn’t changed in nearly twenty years.

Happy Birthday, Mom. We may pick on you mercilessly, but we love you endlessly.


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8 responses to “Release Day Eve

  1. Yay. Congrats on the release day tomorrow. Woot!!! And happy birthday, MOM!! 🙂

  2. Happy b’day to your amazing mom!! She has to be awesome to have such a wicked cool daughter!!

    Happy release day tomorrow

    • Aww, I’ll be sure to tell her you said so! LOL She’s mad at me right now because I gave her my cold…but hey, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Right?

  3. Happy birthday, mom! 🙂 Oh, I’m so excited for you. *happy dance* Whoot!!!

  4. wyndwhisper

    congratulations on release day,i hope it is a resounding success for you.
    Happy Birthday to your mom.

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