Nationals Conference Week

Well this is it. I’m leaving for New York City today, or rather, I’m on the plane right this minute which means…I wrote this before I actually…got on the…Yeah, okay. You get the idea. I know myself well, so let’s just pretend I wrote this after I got on the plane, okay? Ready?

Oh my God. I was up at three o’clock this morning! No, no, I wasn’t partying. I was trying to make sure I remembered to pack my underwear. I don’t make a habit of not bringing any, mind you, but with  my luck that’ll be the one thing I forget. My dog was following me around the house trying to figure out what I was doing. She doesn’t like it when she sees the suitcase come out. The cat, on the other hand, wanted to help me pack. I’m bringing lots and lots of white cat hair with me to NYC. You’re welcome.

Before I could even leave the house, I had to make a list for my mom who’ll be taking care of my monsters while I’m gone. It went something like this:

1. When you bring Mia (the dog) outside, be sure to bring a big cup of ice for her to chew on. It has to be ice from the ice maker though; not the cubed ice.

2. Give Mia her medicine to her twice a day and you have to give it to her on a spoon. She’s a big girl and will lick it straight off the spoon. You’ll only have to clean a little bit of the floor.

3. If you give Mia a treat, you have to give Cookie (fat cat) a treat, too. I know she’s fat, but we can’t give special attention to either one of them.

4. Keep Ty (old cat) in water. Seriously, fill up her bowl even when it isn’t empty or she’ll wait for you to walk down the stairs and try to trip you. Ms. Princess can’t drink from a half-empty water bowl.

5. You have to give Cookie and Mia a lot of pettings. Ty could care less as long as she has a full water bowl. Cookie always wants her pettings right when you’re ready to go to sleep so you may want to go to bed earlier to make sure you have time to actually sleep. Mia wants attention all the time, so you won’t be resting at all.

6. Remember not to close the bathroom door all the way when  you’re about to take your shower. Shower time is their entertainment.

Now on top of these instructions, I’ve had to leave instructions for my brother to go to my house and pet the cats and dogs. Not that they’ll appreciate my care. When I return on Saturday, I can promise you that Mia will be happy to see me, but when I call for her, she’s going to give me the cold paw. Cookie, on the other hand, will be thrilled I’m  home and cover me in her cat fur (a sure indication of love).

The problem I’m going to have between now and Saturday is how in the Hell am I going to sleep without my babies???

Have a great week everyone! I’ll try to get online at some point, but I can’t make any promises. I will post a big review next week with pictures, so I hope you stop by!


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4 responses to “Nationals Conference Week

  1. I wish I could be there! Next year! Woot!! Have fun, enjoy!

  2. I love that you had to do this list- too funny!!! See you tomorrow

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