Seven Things (Cajun Style)

So last week I was tagged by Stacy McKitrick with the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award, and yesterday, Ciara Knight tagged me on her blog as well for a Seven Things About Me thingy. I love getting awards because it’s proof people actually read my stuff here. I don’t always get to participate in the tags and all because I have a pretty strict blogging schedule (I’m a secret dictator of all things blogging and it has to be my way *slams fist on desk*)

This time is really no different, but I thought I could incorporate both awards with my regularly scheduled Cajun French lesson thingy. (I’m so eloquent, aren’t I? There are thingies all over this blog!)

I’m not tagging anyone, so you’re all safe!

So here we go, Seven Things About Me (Cajun Style):

1. I can’t eat crawfish. I’m allergic. It kills me. Not literally, but I love crawfish and it isn’t fair that I can’t eat it *sniff*

2. Although my last name is French, I’m not a certified Cajun. My family came to Louisiana straight from France. Like the Coneheads, “We are from France”, not Canada.

3. I do not own a pair of Cajun Reeboks. I’d love some though because you just never know when you’ll need them.

4. I have been in a pirogue (that’ll be next week’s word) and I hated it. The Pirogue Incident will go down in the family storybook under my name along with the Bead Up The Nose Incident and the Do You Want To See How Dogs Pee Incident otherwise known as How To Embarrass Your Mother in the Mall Incident.

5. I do not speak Cajun French but for a few words I’ve picked up through the years and the Cajun English phrases I grew up with. I have mistaken a full-blooded Cajun man for someone from Trinidad because I couldn’t understand him, so y’all aren’t alone in having problems with the accent.

6. I’ve never had, or cooked, blackened fish or chicken. We call that “burnt” where I’m from.

7. There was a point in my life when shoes were my enemy and the soles of my feet were thick enough to enable me to walk the length of a gravel road with no problem. Now, I cry if I step on concrete barefoot (slight exaggeration).

So those are my seven things (Cajun style). Do you have seven things you’d like to share with the class? It doesn’t have to be Cajun style 🙂

P.S. I had an amazing review for the third book in my Veil series, Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous. I’ve mentioned in another blog that reviews are like hugs from readers and this one is a very big hug. Thanks to Renee Rearden for the fantastic review!


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6 responses to “Seven Things (Cajun Style)

  1. Great 7 things post! I love it- Cajun blackened is burnt to me, too. LOL!
    So sorry about your mudbug allergy. I love those lil critters!

  2. I love how you incorporated the 7 things in your post! I can’t wait to hear what that word means an the story behind it. 🙂 Thanks for participating.

  3. well, i did have a vendor from LA come to my company and he cooked some jubalyia (SP?). it was really good but he told us he did not spice it up since us North Carolina folks were not use to Cajun spice! Hello, i love me some Bojangles :)!

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