Fantasy Man Friday

Hello, Friday!! I’ve been waiting all week for you to get here! Not that I have anything terribly fun planned for the weekend, but still…it’s always wonderful to know that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I don’t have to actually get out of…bed. Wait, I do have to get out of bed. I have to get new tires. *groan*

Well, there goes my lazy Saturday morning. No, I don’t get Memorial Day off. That’s just another work day,  or is it? Did y’all know that Monday marks my 500th blog post? I know!! How awesome is that? It seems like yesterday when I started this blog, not sure what I was talking about, embarrassing myself and my family…oh, wait. I still do that. *shrug* Oh, well, there are more people who read it now than there used to be which means a bigger audience to enjoy the embarrassment!


I was trying to think of something truly spectacular for my 500th blog post, but everyone told me getting Charlie Sheen on the blog would be a bad idea. Now I have no idea what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll post the top five most popular Fantasy Man Friday men? How does that sound? Not the ones I like, but the ones that have received the most views by my readers. Would that be fun? Maybe I can give something away…um, anyone want an overweight cat? How about a specially painted Mardi Gras mask? Not one painted for my books, but a very special mask that kind of bleeds south Louisiana (without the blood). Let me know in the comments if that works for you.

Now for the fantasy man. I’m kind of nervous. This is my 499th blog post and my 78th Fantasy Man Friday. 77 men have appeared on this blog. Some have received more attention than others. Some have been ogled and drooled over enough to leave them pruney. But they’ve all been Fantasy Men, men who make me go “hm, now if I found this bundle of masculinity wandering around naked in my backyard with no memory of how he got there, what would I do?” *cough*

Today’s man is no different. Prepare yourselves for Fantasy Man #78!

As if seeing him once wasn’t enough, you also get to view his other side in the mirror! And…I like. He could totally stand in the mirror all day long and I wouldn’t have a problem with it if I was between him and the mirror. *cough*

So tell me what y’all think about the 500th blog post party!

Happy Friday and have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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8 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. I vote for showing the top Fantasy Man Friday pictures! Can’t go wrong there. But why stop at 5? Even David Letterman has a top 10!!

    By the way, I ordered your books (the ones in paper format)!!!! Thanks for telling me. The last time I looked (who knows when that was!), they were only electronic. Looking forward to reading them.

    • Hm, 10…I must consider this!

      They take a little longer to come out in print, but they get there eventually, lol. The 3rd one should be out in print within the next few weeks. I’ll post something on Facebook/Twitter when it does. I hope you enjoy the books, Stacy!

  2. KAK

    Some have been ogled and drooled over enough to leave them pruney.

    Bwwahahaha! I can just picture some of them looking down at their bared bits and thinking, “WTF? How did those shrivel?”

  3. HE IS AWESOME!! Yes, I like the idea of posting the top 5 and I would love the idea of a giveaway of one of them- yep, wrap him up and send him on over to the panhandle. I think I want one of the futbal players.

  4. Congrats on the 500th blog post coming up. Woot!!!! I have to go look and see what post number I’m on. LOL. 🙂

    Happy FRIDAY!

    • LOL, I didn’t realize it until this week and was like, “I have to do something!!” Can you just imagine what I’ll think when I hit 1000? And not to mention the 100th Fantasy Man Friday! LOL

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