What’s Playing Wednesday

I’m beginning to think I should’ve given a theme to this month’s What’s Playing Wednesdays. It seems like I want to lean more towards heavy metal than anything else, and my MP3 player agrees with me.

And just to show you how into it I am, I’m having a very special guest author on May 25 for What’s Playing Wednesday. I discovered her books through Goodreads and wasn’t disappointed! As far as I’m concerned, any time you couple heavy metal with erotic romance, I’m so there. Her name is Olivia Cunning and she has a series out right now called Sinners on Tour. It’s about a hard rock band, called Sinners, and it’s fantabulicious.

And just like any good blogger, I stalked um, e-mailed Olivia and asked if she’d stop by for a short interview and a song. She agreed because I sort of twisted her arm and threatened to throw myself in front of the Sinners’ tour bus she’s a truly awesome lady. I hope y’all will stop by to learn more about her and the hot, beyond smexy guys in the band. *fans herself* Oh yes…I’m in looooove with the Sinners.


Now…where was I? Oh. Talking about music. I really should’ve named this month May Metal Madness or something. In fact, I’m going to give next month a theme, but I’ll get to that later.

Today’s band is called Black Label Society. Zakk Wylde, the lead singer, was Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist. Their music is hard and…well, catchy. I really like Zakk’s singing style. It isn’t the best vocalization you’ll ever hear, but it’s good stuff. And he looks like a Viking, which is pretty awesome.

This song is one of my favorites by them, but by no means the only one. The song is called Stillborn. I hope you rock out today! And be sure to stop by on May 25th for Olivia Cunning’s interview and song pick.


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4 responses to “What’s Playing Wednesday

  1. Wednesdays are such fun- you never kow what’s on the ole Danica juke box! Keep ’em coming!

    • I’ll give you a hint that this month will probably be alllll Metal. I’m feeling it right now 😉 I guess that means I have to go to a concert soon…or get another tattoo. LOL

  2. I always love to check out your Wed. posts! Thanks for sharing. My 7 y/o told me to turn it off, it was hurting his ears. LOL. He likes Mozart.

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