Beware the Shuttlecock

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Now I know y’all are thinking, what in the hell is she talking about shuttlecocks for? For those of you who don’t know what this thing is, it’s the little birdie you hit when you’re playing badminton. We had to play this in high school, not sure if y’all did as well, but as much as I enjoyed playing, I was equally terrified of it. Why?

Well, let me tell y’all a little story. My aunt, who’s twelve years older than me, was in high school when, of course, they had to play this game. I was only four or five at the time, so I don’t remember much, but this is one of those stories we retell year after year after year.

Anyway, my mom (14 years older than my aunt) was at work when she got a phone call from the school. It went something like this:

School Secretary: Hello? Ms. Blah?
Mom: Yes?
School Secretary: I’m sorry, but you have to come and get Blah. She has a birdie stuck in her eye and needs to go to the hospital.
Mom: A what?
School Secretary: A birdie.
Mom: A bird??
School Secretary: No, a birdie.

My mom, still not sure what the hell the secretary was talking about, went to the school to get my aunt. She says that the entire way there, she was thinking that a crow or pigeon or something had flown into my aunt’s eye. When she got there, imagine her surprise when she saw my aunt had one of these caught in her eye:

That, my friends, is a shuttlecock and it was lodged in my aunt’s eye socket. My mother was appropriately horrified, which means she was probably stifling her hysterical laughter. Did I mention the woman is sick minded? Well, she is. Not cruel, mind you, but she has a sick sense of humor.

Anyway, my aunt was taken to the hospital and the birdie was removed. However, the rest of us have been leery about playing badminton ever since. Of course, if we allowed all of my aunt’s weird accidents to put us off, we wouldn’t do anything. Oh yes, in the family, she’s the one who’s had the strangest accidents that have landed her in the hospital. Once, she went twice in one day.

This story, along with the bead up the nose, Mom’s ill-fated leap off of a garage while trying to play at superhero, my brother sticking a nail in his ear, and others are all part of the family legend.

As horrible as I feel for my aunt, I still giggle helplessly when we remember this one. Of course, it probably helped my ommetophobia (eye fear, fear of eyes, eye phobia). Yes, to this day I will flip out if anything gets near my eyes. Does it lead all the way back to my aunt and her unfortunate incident? Uh, yeah.

So do you have any hang-ups because of things that have happened to your family members? And admit it, you thought this was going to be a naughty post, didn’t you?


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4 responses to “Beware the Shuttlecock

  1. ROTFLOL! Oh my word this is a great post. I mean, I’m sorry about the pain she went through …. but oh my. And yes, I was like, “shuttlecock?” LOL!!!!

  2. I was like WHAT? LOL. Thanks for sharing this! I feel bad for your aunt, but still laughing.

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