Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday! It’s a beautiful day today and I can’t wait to get my weekend started. Oh, no, I don’t have anything special planned. Gotta finish cleaning out the junk room and yeah, that isn’t very yay worthy, but at least I’ll be at home. *happy sigh*

It’s been an interesting and tough week for a lot of people. We had Judy Mays’ story hit us in the middle of the week, my CP Daisy Harris had a book release yesterday (and she’ll be by on Monday to talk about her newest release, Mercury Rising), and the horrible damage in the southeast U.S. My heart goes out to those who’ve been affected by the storms that roared through the South this week. My prayers are with you!

Fantasy Man Friday is all about making you feel better for the upcoming weekend. Maybe making you smile as naughty thoughts dance in your head, maybe spew coffee on your monitor when you see the gorgeous men I have, or maybe even drool a bit and shorting out your keyboard. That’s what my Fridays are about and today is no different.

Also, because Daisy’s book features two very hot men *cough* I think I need to give her props for this week’s fantasy man. That Dillon…num, num. Now, this guy isn’t Hispanic, but really? Does it matter? Look at these muscles!

And he’s wet. Wet + Muscles = Happy Danica. See? I do know a little math. Of course it’ll never win me an award or anything and I still need a calculator to figure out everything else (or to hit up one of my brilliant co-workers), but this I can figure out. I had to go back and look at the picture because…that water…those muscles…that intent expression on his face. Le sigh.

Come to mama…

Happy Friday y’all. I hope y’all have a great weekend!


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6 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Another awesome choice, my friend!

  2. Judy Mays is such a sad story. I can’t believe it. I’ll be by Monday for Daisy. I always here you talk about her. Can’t wait to meet her!

  3. YUM!!!!!!!! Happy Friday!!!

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