In The Swamp

I’m over at Haunted Dreams, Dark Destinies today talking about anti-heroes. I hope you’ll stop by!

I know I talk about my little corner of the world a lot, but I believe people are fascinated by it. Why? Well, apparently there’s a show about the alligator hunters here in the swamps of south Louisiana (they actually hunt in the swamps no more than 30 miles from where I live). I haven’t watched the show, but all of my relatives do and they assure me it’s worth a peek. The show is called Swamp People.

It plays on the History Channel. Film crews follow several alligator hunters on their regular jaunts through the swamps. It plays on Thursday nights which means I have to give up Bones to catch it, but that’s okay.Β I’ve been told that they have subtitles at the bottom of the screen because their accents are so thick. Then my sister-in-law was telling me some of the guys’ catch-phrases and had me cracking up so much I now must watch the show.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have alligators roaming the streets here. Okay, that isn’t entirely true. My neighbor had a 9′ gator under her porch and we don’t live very close to the bayou. There have been instances where dogs have disappeared because of a resident alligator in some neighborhoods. So yeah, I suppose they live among us even if I say we’re more civilized than Hollywood would have the world believe.

And to further ruin my point about civilization, I was reminded of an incident I saw with my very own eyes a few years ago. I was driving to town (because you always go “to town”) to get my tires replaced. I took a shortcut road which cuts right behind a subdivision and through the marsh. It was about 7:30 on a Saturday morning so there wasn’t a lot of traffic and I had the road to myself. Well, almost to myself.

I saw an alligator running down the opposite shoulder of the road I was driving on. Not really strange, but it’s what was chasing him that had my jaw dropping open in shock. Yes, you got it. There was a machete-wielding man chasing the alligator down and running behind him was his wife who was carrying a Jim Bowie knife and a huge Tupperware bowl. Know what they were planning? To kill the gator and take its tail. It was so surreal, I shook my head all the way to the mechanic. Because really? You’re running after an alligator with a machete andΒ you already have the bowl for the meat.


Of course, it’s also illegal. You have to have a special hunting license for alligators. You can’t just kill them when you want and take the tail; no matter how damn good alligator meat is. Oh yes, I love fried alligator. It’s…mais, it’s good good! But you sure as hell won’t catch me chasing one down! Talk about eating off the hoof…

So have any of you ever seen Swamp People? Will you watch it just out of morbid curiosity? If you do watch it and find something confusing about their speech, maybe we could turn that into a Cajun French Lesson. Just shoot me an e-mail with your question and we can discuss it.


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10 responses to “In The Swamp

  1. Sounds like a good show and you got a good show, too that day with the man/woman chasing that gator. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gator run down the side of the road. LOL! You did a beautiful job describing it- I can just seem them racing down the road!

    • LOL I’d forgotten about it until we started talking about this show and then I was “I totally have to blog about that!”

      I don’t know what time the post is going live. I have to find out, but as soon as I know I’ll tweet/facebook it πŸ™‚

  2. By the way. I headed over to check out your guest spot and you’re not there!

  3. I grew up eating gator tail — it was a football season specialty in Tallahassee, due to FSU’s rivalry with UF (Gators). Love me some fried lizard!!!
    As a teenager, my late dad was a hunting guide in the Okeefenokee Swamp in South Ga — I’ll have to watch the show to see how it compares to his stories!

    • Please do and let me know! And yeah, our high school rivals were the South Terrebonne Gators…we always had “Gator Day” during homecoming week. Everyone would wear camo πŸ˜‰ Ah, fun times!

  4. KAK

    I tried to watch the show. Tried, but my delicate-flower-ness couldn’t handle a) the swamp, b) the bugs, c) the swamp.

    Poor gator getting chased by a machete-wielding nutter. ‘Round here, we prefer our dinner to be dead before we scrape it off the road. ~cough~

    • LOL, so I’m guessing you won’t be visiting down here with the intentions of going on a swamp tour? Tsk. If you eat enough hot food and drink enough beer, the bugs won’t even bother you! Honest! Okay, you won’t feel the bugs bothering you πŸ˜‰

  5. I haven’t seen this. Okay, it would freak me out to see an alligator where I lived. But I guess a lot of people say that about our scorpions and rattle snakes out here in the desert, too. πŸ™‚

    • Okay, the rattlesnakes I’ve seen far too many of in my lifetime…the scorpion thing? *screams like a little girl* At least you can see an alligator coming and they don’t hide in your shoes! Mais, I have the frissons now!

  6. I lived two miles from Alligator Alley. πŸ™‚ Yep, I know what them thar gators are. πŸ™‚ I don’t know about the show. I might have to take a quick look at it one day. πŸ™‚

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