Fantasy Man Friday

It’s time for another Fantasy Man Friday! Yay! I’m so glad today’s Friday. I know, I know, I’m always glad when Friday rolls around. I can’t help it. I mean…I get to post smexy men and daydream about the naughty things I’d like to do to them. Isn’t that awesome?

Not only am I excited about today’s Fantasy Man, but I’m also excited to be on Marsha A. Moore’s blog talking about Cajun legends and omens. I’ll be giving away a mask and a set of romance trading cards, so I hope y’all will pop on over there.

So today’s Fantasy Man is wearing more clothes than I’d like, but he looks so good, I don’t care. Yup, he’s another footballer (as in the rugby kind). Really, do rugby players all look so good? Because if they do, I might have to forget about the NFL and start watching Aussie Football.

Of course, it looks like his pants and undies are about to just fall off…I wouldn’t mind, would you? And he even has that “I’m a good boy” look about him! It just makes me want to show him how good being a bad boy can be. Rar!

Happy Friday all, have a safe and fun weekend!


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12 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Beautiful and heading to Marsha’s!

  2. YEP! Rugby and Futbol players all have smoking bods- it’s from all that running and kicking!!

  3. Just chiming in on Monday, wishing it WAS Friday! Have a good week:)

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