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Miss My Dog

Probably the worst thing about being at training seminars or conferences is missing my dog.

I know, pets aren’t the same as people, but I don’t let just anyone sleep with me, you know. Mia has been sharing the foot of my bed for nearly 9 years now. When I do leave home for an overnight trip, I have trouble falling asleep without her kicking me in the knee; without her smacking her lips and giving that huge, heart-felt sigh. Add to that her little body warming one spot on the bed and yeah, I miss her when I’m staying in a hotel room.

Hotels are great. They can be fun, relaxing…and cold. I don’t mean cold as in brr, but cold as in impersonal. If I could have my puppy with me (maybe slip her in my laptop case), then I wouldn’t feel so homesick.

I’m going home tonight though, so hopefully she’ll actually miss me. When I got back from Orlando, she would walk into the room I was in, look at me, then walk out. She was giving me the cold…tail. She wouldn’t come to me when I called her because I’d left her for a week. how dare I? The cat was glad to see me; probably because I’m the only one who actually listens to her when she meows for food.

Ah well. I’ll find out how Mia feels when I get home.

Do your pets give you the cold shoulder if you leave home for a while?


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Please Leave A Message…

My week is going to be thrown completely off-balance because today and tomorrow I’m at a training seminar for work. Can we say boring? Yes we can! Oh, sure, it’s kind of cool to hear horror stories about hazardous waste leaks and all, but the rest of it isn’t as fun.

This weekend was a good weekend even though I bought the ugliest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. My sister insists they aren’t ugly (but that’s because she has a pair just like them!). They’re not really ugly, per se. They just aren’t in my usual style. You see, I like shoes with big chunky heels. Hey, I grew up in the 90’s. They don’t make heels like that anymore. Everything these days are spiked heels which I cannot wear without worrying about breaking a leg.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to even try these shoes on. When the sales person brought them to me I know I curled my lip at them. They were that unattractive to me! Then I put one foot in the shoe and all prejudice melted away. It was like…air! I quickly slid the other shoe on and raced for the mirror. Yes, they looked just as horrible as I thought they would; yes, they make my feet look huge (which they are, but I generally find shoes to minimize their size); and yes, they have no heel. But O. M. G. Comfortable! They’re so comfortable! I bought them. And I don’t care what others may think!

So that was my weekend. I’m between sizes in jeans…which kind of sucks when I needed a new pair to replace the ones I ripped recently. Then I spent the rest of my weekend working on Romance Trading Cards. If you haven’t heard of things, you should check them out. They’re awesome! I made some for my recent releases…and I can only hope they look somewhat nice. (I don’t have finished product pictures yet, but will post them when I do).

That was my weekend. What about yours? I won’t be able to reply right away, but I will respond when I get a chance. So…leave a message after the <Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep>


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Fantasy Man Friday

Hey y’all! Today I’m over at Evelyn Byrne’s blog talking about why I chose to write about succubi in my newest release, Succubus-in-Waiting. Stop by to give me your thoughts on creatures of myth and legend and how you would change them for a chance to win!

Speaking of succubi, those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook should know that I’m a big fan of Ghost Adventures. I know, I know, Zak uses too much hair product, but hey…he has to make himself look as tall as possible to intimidate the ghosts! Anyway, I eagerly await this show every Friday. If my family or friends plan something, I tell them I have to be home in time for the show and I’ll watch it until I catch a rerun of the new episode. What I enjoy so much about the show is the way the guys react when they find something. I especially love it when they make Aaron go in a room alone because he so doesn’t want to go, you can see it in his face.

Anyway, I saw an episode where they went to the Ram’s Inn in England and Zak was calling for the incubus to come and get him. What they meant was a succubus since they’re guys and incubi only went after mortal women. Every time they make a reference to that episode, I crack up laughing. I can’t help it. Poor Zak.

That got me to thinking about incubi. They’re supposed to be absurdly attractive and have seductive powers that would crush any woman’s will to resist. Of course, that got me to wondering what my ideal incubus would look like. I mean, he’d have to be tall, of course. I have a weakness for men taller than me. He’d probably have to have dark hair and light eyes (a combination I find irresistible). And he’d have to be well muscled. Rar.

Kind of like this guy:

Nom, nom, nom! Those jeans look like they’re losing the battle against gravity, don’t they? *wipes away the drool* Oh, the things I could do to this man! Wait, incubi are supposed to do the, er “doing”…I’m not sure I’d like that very much. Okay, so it wouldn’t be a fate worse than death, but this is the kind of man who makes you want to touch!


So, uh, who’s your idea of a perfect incubus?

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a safe weekend 🙂


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Cajun French: Names

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Is everyone wearing green? I’m not, but I have grass stains on my shoes and that so counts.

Before I get to today’s lesson, I’d like to first let you know that I’ll be over at Evelyn Byrne’s blog for a giveaway. I hope you’ll stop by!

Now for the lesson. It should come as no surprise after the previous lessons, that things in the Cajun French language are not pronounced the way they’re spelled. This includes names. Sure, there are some that are exactly the way they seem, but for the most part, people who aren’t from here will mispronounce our names in so many different ways!

Let’s start with last names ending in -et. In French, these two letters generally mean the word ends in a long “a” sound, like “day”. My last name, Avet, is pronounced “ah-vay”. There are lots of other names with this pronunciation, like Duet (it isn’t duet as in two people singing together), it’s “due-ay”, another is Ledet which is “la-day”. However, there are some names that have stress on a different part of the name. Lirette, for example is pronounced “lee-ret” with the stress on the first syllable. Rivet, or Rivette, is another name with this pronunciation “ree-vet”.

Next would be the -eaux, -aux names. These letters together make a long “o” sound. Boudreaux is “boo-dro”, Thibodaux is “tib-a-do”, Robichaux is “robe-e-sho”.

Then there are the names that are pronounced differently depending on what parish you’re in. Belanger in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes is pronounced “bel-anjay” but in St. Mary Parish, it’s pronounced “bell-anjer”. Authement in Terrebonne Parish is pronounced “oh-dee-mon”, but in Lafourche Parish is “authe-mon”. This can cause friction between people who have these last names when they go to a parish that pronounces it differently.

So if you happen to be hanging around down here and want to go to Boudreaux’s Seafood Restaurant, don’t pronounce it “bo-drox”. If you’re going to Thibodaux, don’t pronounce it “thigh-ba-dux”.

Do people have a hard time pronouncing your last name?


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What’s Playing Wednesday

Before I get to the song of the day, I have a horror story to share.

I know I’ve mentioned my cat, Cookie, a million times. I’ve posted pictures of her all over Facebook. I love that damn cat, but she’s so bad!

I’d gone to bed early last night. There I was, innocently dreaming of me, Gerard Butler, and chocolate syrup when I heard the familiar sounds of Cookie running through the house at full speed. There was something different about it though. She sounded frantic and I could hear something rustling. I listened carefully and started to get up. I thought maybe something, like another possum, had gotten into the house and they were fighting.

I’d just lifted my head off the pillow with the intention of getting up to investigate when Cookie roared into my room, bounced off the wall and landed on my face—claws out. She was gone before I could process the rustling sound that seemed to be following her. I barely even felt the scratches, my concern for her was so great.

I hopped out of bed and went looking for her. I finally found her behind the sofa. She’d somehow found a plastic bag and the handle was looped around her neck. I guess she was playing with it when it decided to play back. Naturally, she couldn’t get away from the damn thing because it was attached to her. I rescued her from her dilemma and went back to bed.

Poor Cookie. I don’t even know where she got the bag from! It isn’t like we keep them hanging around all over the place. We store them in one area where kitty cats shouldn’t be able to reach. *snort* Leave it to Cookie Monster to prove us wrong!

Now that I got that out of my system, I’m going to play today’s song. I adore Gerry Rafferty—God bless his heart—and I was thrilled when my MP3 player chose one of his songs to make my morning better.

The song is called Right Down the Line. One of my absolute favorite songs is Baker Street, but this one is a very close second. I don’t know what I love so much about his music, if it’s the laid back vocals, the guitar riffs, or just that I listened to it when I was little, but there you go.

Um, let me know if you can view the video clip. For some reason, I can’t see it, but it should be the right one!



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Rebel Yell

I know, y’all are singing along with Billy, aren’t you? I’ll even make it easier for you by doing this!

I never tried to hide the fact that I’m oppositional-defiant. *cough* I can’t even get a GPS because I don’t like being told what to do, even if it is navigating for me.

It doesn’t end there though. Today I’m over at Wicked Jungle talking about writing and breaking rules. Stop by for a chance to win a hand-painted mask!


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How Awesome

I had a marvelous weekend. Seriously. I haven’t had a weekend with so much fun packed into it in such a long time, I’m not even sure where to start! Hm, I suppose I should start with Friday and work my way forward. It’s logical.

I went to dinner with my mom and sister Friday evening. It wasn’t anything special other than a chance for us to have some mother-daughters time. To my surprise, my sister arrived with four—count them, four—print copies of my first novel, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose. She also brought a sharpie because it was time for me to sign them. I can’t even begin to explain how…well, awesome it felt to look at this book and see all the scenes I’d labored over. It’s a bit different when the book is in e-format. It’s no less real, but it sort of feels more significant to hold the book in my hands. *sniff* I was so touched. Hell, my sister told me she was planning to order more! I think she’s going to give them out as Christmas gifts! LOL

Saturday night was quiz night in Cut Off, Louisiana. For those who follow my blog regularly, you’ll understand what I mean when I say Cut Off is down da bayou. It’s also the birth place of the Cajun Cannon, Bobby Hebert. Quiz night is a fund-raising event held once a year. Teams of six gather in the recreation center and answer 110 questions for the chance to be crowned the winners. We weren’t the winners. *wince* With my brother answering questions like, “Florence Ballard was one of the founding singers of what band?” with “Florence and the Nightingales!” we were doomed. Nah, not really. We did well, but not enough to land in the spotlight, but it was so much fun, we didn’t care. It’s a great night of using your brains, chatting with friends, watching people dance during the music category, and also aiding special citizens. It was a blast.

Then we come to Sunday. We decided that we wanted to go roder. We left at around 11 a.m. and headed west. Forever. We ended up west of Lake Charles, Louisiana which is just on this side of the Louisiana state line. With my mom, aunt, and cousin packed into my car, we laughed and laughed, took pictures of alligators (of which we must’ve seen at least 40 or more), and generally had fun goofing off. We’ve made plans to attempt something similar at least once a month. That’s the whole point of going roder you know, just having fun doing nothing but sightseeing. If we had to make a cover story in case we were stopped, that’s just part of the fun.

By the way, I told them if someone asked what we were doing, we’d tell them we were with Louisiana Back Roads magazine and that we were dedicating our first issue to Delcambre. *snickers*

So that was my weekend. I managed to pack in a lot of recreation and also get some ideas for more stories. Can anything be better?

Oh, I know what could!! One of my fellow Foxes on Four Foxes One Hound, Lynn Rush has just signed to have her novel, Wasteland, published with Crescent Moon Press! I’m so happy for Lynn, I can hardly contain myself. She’s such a wonderful person, so I hope you’re all planning to go out and buy her book when it’s released!

Happy Monday, y’all!


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