Bad Danica

I’m taking a slight break from our regularly scheduled Thursday post to talk about something I did that may have reflected badly on me. We’ll get back to Cajun French lessons next week, I promise! In fact, I’m compiling a list of words to use for future “lessons” and since I don’t speak Cajun French, it’s a lot harder than you’d think!

Back to the post. As many of you know, I was at a work related conference Monday and Tuesday. Well, the first day was well-attended and I wasn’t the only woman. Yay. The second day though, I was all by my lonesome with about eight men. No, I’m sorry, none of them looked like Gerard Butler. They were nice though, so I can’t complain.

I should carry one of these at all times. For myself.

We were at lunch with the instructor and the sales representative for our region. Again, remember, I’m the only woman and one of the only two people from this area. The others were from north Louisiana (like…an entirely different state even!) and Arkansas. So we’re sitting there chit chatting over our club sandwiches and salads when the sales rep starts to talk about one of his first sales jobs.

It seems that he used to sell medical supplies to retirement homes. He was telling us how the nicest retirement home he’d ever been to was in this very small town in north Louisiana. He said what was so nice about the home was that the workers had a vested interest in the patients because they were connected somehow. I thought that was nice. Then he told us how everyone who lived in the town—and even the retirement home—had worked at the paper mill so they all knew each other.

That’s when my mouth opened and I said, “That had to really suck.”

I had eight men turn and stare at me like they didn’t know what I was talking about. I forged ahead.

“I mean, you live surrounded by the same people, worked at the same place all your life, and then you have to live with them until you die in a retirement home? What if you didn’t like the person who worked right next to you for 40-some odd years?”

They laughed and laughed, of course, but then the sales rep looked at me and said, “I never even thought of that.”

It’s something I would think about. I mean, c’mon people! You can’t tell me you’re going to be best friends with everyone, especially the people you work with. I couldn’t imagine being happy to find myself in a home with the person who used to annoy me at work. Could you imagine? I mean, what if you had a bad break-up with someone who cheated on you and you were in the same room with the person they cheated on you with? Or the neighbor who would blab your business all over town because they had a front row seat to anything that happened at your house? Or, even worse, your long-time rival for some guy’s affections? Oh, the list could go on and on.

However, it’s as I think about it now that I realize I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. I wish I could blame my extreme youth on my careless words, but um, I haven’t seen extreme youth in a long time. Instead I’m going to blame Danica. She’s the social butterfly who actually likes talking to people. Before her, I would’ve never said anything without being prompted. Ever. Yet I did and it’s all her fault!

So what have you done to embarrass yourself this week?


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23 responses to “Bad Danica

  1. LOL Looks like we’re on the same wavelength today.

    • It was one of those moments where I had to wonder what happened to the filter between my brain and my mouth. I used to leave things like that unsaid and think about them to amuse myself, LOL

  2. KAK


    Not “Bad Danica” at all. Truly. Some of us get too wrapped up in the glossy TV painting of small towns and close-knit communities. It’s good to be reminded that exploration was caused by desperation — including the desperate need for distance from one’s nosy neighbor.

  3. Danica, I totally understand. When I lived in Switzerland it was like that everywhere. Completely in each other’s pockets. Then war broke out in former Yugoslavia and two guys who had worked welding machines next to each other for twenty years went for each other. The hammer had to be dug out of the other guy’s skull. They were from opposite sides of the ethnic divide back home and had hated each other for decades. It just needed a catalyst.
    What did I do? I lost my head when I came back from town to find my partner had paid a gypsy a hundred bucks to clean the gutters on our new house. They weren’t dirty, there are no oevrhanging trees and he didn’t do the top floor (which is where most of the guttering is) because my dear mother-in-law was ill in bed, no to be disturbed. I lay in bed that night trying to analyse why I’d gone so crazy. It was because I hate me or mine being ripped off.

  4. Daisy Harris

    I’ve lived my entire life with my foot in my mouth. Seriously, I’ve never been able to stop myself from saying stuff like that. Telling someone from Tennesee I hates country music, asking beautiful people if it ever made them uncomfortable that people stare at them all the time, the list goes on and on.

    I’ve countered this tendency by staying home as much as possible, and working around few people.

    Man, I so can’t keep my mouth shut. It’s totally sad.

  5. Having a pervasive development disorder (autism spectrum disorder) I have no filter between my brain and mouth.
    I am just about developing it now, aged 27…

    I went up to a school teacher when I was 6 to tell him he would die of cancer if he kept smoking like that (which he did years later)… Mum was so mortified I changed school right before being in his class (that wasn’t the only reason, but it played a part in it).

    Like Daisy (Hello there!) I tend to stay at home, it’s safer.

  6. Sometimes our writing community feels like a small town too. Now wouldn’t that be a picture, all of us in our nighties, with our walkers, duking it out in the lobby of the old folks home with our canes, arguing over who has the most hair left. On her head, that is.
    Or teeth.
    Or boyfriends.
    Just think of the movie that would make.

  7. I LOVE IT!!! I can just see these guys looking at you like you had 3 heads!! But I bet you did make them think! Men, as we all know, are wired differently than us- I think if it had been a woman, she’d have totally got it right away! I love Danica- don’t let S. try to change her too much!

    • LOL, yeah, my mom thought it was hilarious and complimented me on thinking outside the box. *snorts* Little does she realize I live outside the box (because Cookie keeps sleeping in the box) 😉

  8. I’ve just had a moment. I told our runner to have a good afternoon. She stopped, turned to me and said, “huh?” Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

  9. Where to begin? I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this. 🙂

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