Miss My Dog

Probably the worst thing about being at training seminars or conferences is missing my dog.

I know, pets aren’t the same as people, but I don’t let just anyone sleep with me, you know. Mia has been sharing the foot of my bed for nearly 9 years now. When I do leave home for an overnight trip, I have trouble falling asleep without her kicking me in the knee; without her smacking her lips and giving that huge, heart-felt sigh. Add to that her little body warming one spot on the bed and yeah, I miss her when I’m staying in a hotel room.

Hotels are great. They can be fun, relaxing…and cold. I don’t mean cold as in brr, but cold as in impersonal. If I could have my puppy with me (maybe slip her in my laptop case), then I wouldn’t feel so homesick.

I’m going home tonight though, so hopefully she’ll actually miss me. When I got back from Orlando, she would walk into the room I was in, look at me, then walk out. She was giving me the cold…tail. She wouldn’t come to me when I called her because I’d left her for a week. how dare I? The cat was glad to see me; probably because I’m the only one who actually listens to her when she meows for food.

Ah well. I’ll find out how Mia feels when I get home.

Do your pets give you the cold shoulder if you leave home for a while?


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2 responses to “Miss My Dog

  1. Sorry you’re missing your puppaloo. I bet she misses you, too.

    We used to have a cat that would get mad when we left. When we got home, he’d walk in the room and do the same thing as your Mia did. He would do it like 3-4 times JUST to be sure we knew he was mad. The cat we have now sits on the suitcases when we get them down- she seems to think we won’t move her off to pack. I love critters and their personalities!

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