Please Leave A Message…

My week is going to be thrown completely off-balance because today and tomorrow I’m at a training seminar for work. Can we say boring? Yes we can! Oh, sure, it’s kind of cool to hear horror stories about hazardous waste leaks and all, but the rest of it isn’t as fun.

This weekend was a good weekend even though I bought the ugliest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. My sister insists they aren’t ugly (but that’s because she has a pair just like them!). They’re not really ugly, per se. They just aren’t in my usual style. You see, I like shoes with big chunky heels. Hey, I grew up in the 90’s. They don’t make heels like that anymore. Everything these days are spiked heels which I cannot wear without worrying about breaking a leg.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to even try these shoes on. When the sales person brought them to me I know I curled my lip at them. They were that unattractive to me! Then I put one foot in the shoe and all prejudice melted away. It was like…air! I quickly slid the other shoe on and raced for the mirror. Yes, they looked just as horrible as I thought they would; yes, they make my feet look huge (which they are, but I generally find shoes to minimize their size); and yes, they have no heel. But O. M. G. Comfortable! They’re so comfortable! I bought them. And I don’t care what others may think!

So that was my weekend. I’m between sizes in jeans…which kind of sucks when I needed a new pair to replace the ones I ripped recently. Then I spent the rest of my weekend working on Romance Trading Cards. If you haven’t heard of things, you should check them out. They’re awesome! I made some for my recent releases…and I can only hope they look somewhat nice. (I don’t have finished product pictures yet, but will post them when I do).

That was my weekend. What about yours? I won’t be able to reply right away, but I will respond when I get a chance. So…leave a message after the <Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep>


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5 responses to “Please Leave A Message…

  1. Gotta love conferences. Hmmm, what’d I do this weekend? I got a tattoo! A big ole cross on my left deltoid. I’ve been wanting one forever and finally… took two hours and hurt a bit, but I’m stoked!! Oh, and I got to work–if you can call it that since I work in a bookstore!–so that was my weekend in a nutshell.

    Did you post pictures of your shoes? I so want to see them!

  2. I happen to LOVE boring work conferences. I use the time to flesh out my plot in my other career (writing) and it looks like I’m taking really good notes on the conference. Great on comfy shoes! Prop those babies up and flesh away the next two days:)

  3. I agree with Lynn, the tattooed lady- this post needs a picture of those shoes, Missy! Bring 0n the photos!! My weekend was spent coming home from my trip to California and trying to recover from that. So far, not too successful as the old bod thinks it is still on Pacific time!

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