What’s Playing Wednesday

Before I get to the song of the day, I have a horror story to share.

I know I’ve mentioned my cat, Cookie, a million times. I’ve posted pictures of her all over Facebook. I love that damn cat, but she’s so bad!

I’d gone to bed early last night. There I was, innocently dreaming of me, Gerard Butler, and chocolate syrup when I heard the familiar sounds of Cookie running through the house at full speed. There was something different about it though. She sounded frantic and I could hear something rustling. I listened carefully and started to get up. I thought maybe something, like another possum, had gotten into the house and they were fighting.

I’d just lifted my head off the pillow with the intention of getting up to investigate when Cookie roared into my room, bounced off the wall and landed on my face—claws out. She was gone before I could process the rustling sound that seemed to be following her. I barely even felt the scratches, my concern for her was so great.

I hopped out of bed and went looking for her. I finally found her behind the sofa. She’d somehow found a plastic bag and the handle was looped around her neck. I guess she was playing with it when it decided to play back. Naturally, she couldn’t get away from the damn thing because it was attached to her. I rescued her from her dilemma and went back to bed.

Poor Cookie. I don’t even know where she got the bag from! It isn’t like we keep them hanging around all over the place. We store them in one area where kitty cats shouldn’t be able to reach. *snort* Leave it to Cookie Monster to prove us wrong!

Now that I got that out of my system, I’m going to play today’s song. I adore Gerry Rafferty—God bless his heart—and I was thrilled when my MP3 player chose one of his songs to make my morning better.

The song is called Right Down the Line. One of my absolute favorite songs is Baker Street, but this one is a very close second. I don’t know what I love so much about his music, if it’s the laid back vocals, the guitar riffs, or just that I listened to it when I was little, but there you go.

Um, let me know if you can view the video clip. For some reason, I can’t see it, but it should be the right one!



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6 responses to “What’s Playing Wednesday

  1. Oh my word. I LOVE Gerry Rafferty. Right Down the Line is one of my faves!!!

    Okay, yeah, that was a freaky story about your cat. I would have FREAKED getting woken up like that. LOL!

    • It’s such a great love song! And Cookie is freaky…I’ll sometimes wake up to see her looming over me because she wants me to pet her. Hello, I’m sleeping here! *sigh* 🙂

  2. Great! Yes, I saw it. Oh, and I love Cookie now. 🙂

  3. Give your cat a hug from me. I remember something similar happening to one of our cats. Can’t remember which one, or what it was, but your story just sounded way too familiar!

    I was also a big Gerry Rafferty fan. Of course, I wasn’t LITTLE when he was popular (then again, I don’t think I was ever LITTLE). Not sure if your video clip should move (it didn’t), but the music played.

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