What’s Playing Wednesday

We’re getting closer and closer to Mardi Gras and Release Day! Woo-hoo! No, I am not twirling my T-shirt over my head like a terrible towel. Honest.

As I mentioned last week, because of the upcoming holiday, the next couple of weeks will have a theme. Yes, I know, next Wednesday is actually the day after Mardi Gras, but I’m going to cheat and play a song for Mardi Gras anyway.

Today though, I have a special song for you. Now, this song was one of my favorites as a kid. It came out in 1975, when I was just a twinkle in my dad’s eye, so it’s a song I grew up listening to. I did hear it at Mardi Gras, mostly when I was younger. It’s such a fun song so I have to share it with y’all.

The song is called They All Ask’d For You by The Meters. The Meters had several line-up changes, but featured Dr. John, a couple of the Neville brothers, and other guys from the music industry around New Orleans.

I hope you enjoy the song! And remember, dey all ask’d for you! šŸ˜‰


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6 responses to “What’s Playing Wednesday

  1. AHH Yes, Sweet Mardi Gras music!!!

  2. AND it’s Axed for you, not ask’d! LOL!

  3. KAK

    ~head-bobbing like a chicken~

    I hadn’t heard this before. It’s wickedly catchy.

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