Social Meltdown

Before I get to the reason for today’s post, I’d like to announce that the winner of yesterday’s giveaway is Dawn Chartier! Dawn, drop me a line with your information and I’ll mail your prize to you this weekend.

Now for the post. This is serious stuff, people. Lately, I feel as though the only thing I can keep up with is my blog. You lucky dogs, you! Yes, things are more than a bit hectic lately, but that isn’t the only problem. You see, I have a smart phone that’s supposed to help me keep track of all the happenings in the Tweetverse and Facebook World.

I’ve been tempted to chuck this phone into traffic, but I’m afraid it’d only anger some burly truck driver and he’d beat me up. It probably isn’t the phone’s fault, so much as the area I live in. You got it, 3G sometimes exists here, but not always. It’s annoying because I’d really like to get involved in some of the discussions on Twitter, but can’t. I believe I’ve mentioned before that Twitter has been blocked from my service here. That’s why I bought the bloody phone in the first place! Gah.

Anyway, when I wake up in the morning I have nearly 400 updates and conversations to wade through which means I’m a day late and a buck short on everything going on. It’s annoying beyond belief. Facebook is the only thing I can use during the day, but the good stuff doesn’t happen there! There are no chats going on about special “toys” or whether Charlie Sheen should lay off the crack. I love Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but it’s Twitter I enjoy following.

*sniffs* Yes, I’m drowning in self-pity. I want to raise my fists to the sky and scream, “Arrrrrrgh!” But I don’t. No, I try to do what I can, retweeting for my tweeps, replying when I actually see messages to me that aren’t nine hours old. Damn you, phone! Damn you!

So, it isn’t that I’m ignoring y’all. I’m having…issues. Not mental issues for once, but technological ones. Oh, I’ve been tempted to get all kinds of gadgets to help me deal with this problem. Like a gun because this phone has a death wish. *deep breath* I’m better. I’m better, I swear.


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8 responses to “Social Meltdown

  1. I recently got the iphone for Verizon…totally love it. Can’t quite figure out Tweetdeck on there, yet….like how to access the columns I have set up on my desktop MacBook…but I’m a slow techy learner type.

    Love the iPhone, though. Woot!!

    • That’s my next step: downloading Tweetdeck. Something has to work! *sniff* 🙂 I adored my phone at first, but I want everything and I want it now…unfortunately it doesn’t want to cooperate 😉

  2. KAK

    ~pat, pat, pat~

    ‘sokay, Danica, ‘sokay. Those of us who can keep Twitter up all day, quickly realize we shouldn’t — not if we want to get actual work done.

    Think of your sporadic connectivity as a masked blessing…besides, the Charlie Sheen wisecracking lives on faaaaaar past his televised interview. The LOLz are cropping up all over the place. 😀

    • *sniff* I hate feeling left out. It was the same way when I was a kid and my older sister’s friends used to imitate my mom calling for me so I’d go home. *sniffle*

      I saw a good one yesterday…about five hours late, but I enjoyed it. She who laughs last…

  3. Poor you. I feel your pain- I have to stand in one corner of the kitchen with one leg in the air and a potato on my head OR lay on my stomach in my son’s room to get cell service. I use Hootsuite on my Ipod to tweet at home.

    • Compared to my sister’s house, my reception is amazing at home and work. At her place, you have nothing, nada, zilch. It’s like her house is a dead zone, but if you go down the street about 10 feet, you’re perfectly fine.

  4. I’d have to understand twitter before I know how to sit on the deck and use it. 🙂 Good luck with your tech issues. That is so frustrating.

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