Where’s the Love

It’s Valentine’s Day. To a single person, this means it’s just another day. Since I’m single, I had to actually look at the calendar to see that yes, it is Valentine’s Day. It’s also Monday. How romantic could that possibly be?

I’m wondering if Valentine’s Day should be moved to the Saturday or Sunday before the 14th, that way couples can spend an entire day together instead of having to wait until the working hours are over. I’m not bitter about the holiday, far from it. I like the idea of a day for lovers. I am a romance writer after all.

Luckily, I have no bad memories of past Valentine’s Days. All of my relationships have taken place between the spring and winter. Hm, how weird is that? I suppose it’s a good thing though. Otherwise, I might hold a grudge against the day.

As for my romantic views, I’ve mentioned many times before that I’m not a sappy romantic. Yes, I write romance and there are moments of high drama, but for the most part, I avoid the sticky sweetness some consider romance.

I love flowers, but I like to get them for an accomplishment instead of just a day you’re supposed to receive them. It’s almost an obligation for a lover to send flowers on Valentine’s Day. How is that special?I prefer to receive flowers when it’s something life-changing. Like release day, or a milestone birthday, or a publishing contract.

I adore chocolate, but I won’t wait until today to get them. Oh, hells no. There are times when a woman needs chocolate and waiting for one day out of the year to get them would be my idea of torture.

Jewelry is nice, but I don’t wear any except my tongue ring and my thumb ring. Those aren’t terribly romantic, places for jewelry. I did receive a heart-shaped locket necklace one year and I treasured it. Until the petals fell off the bloom. Now it sits in a jewelry box with all of the other things I don’t wear.

Sitting in front ofย a fireplace would only make me want to throw things in it. I have a touch of the fire bug and I love to build fires (legally, of course). I’d be too easily mesmerized by the flames to pay attention to my lover. Unless he was Gerard Butler. Then I’d make him sit in front of the fireplace so I could see both him and the flames ๐Ÿ˜‰

Romance me with books, with intelligent conversation, laughter, and a nice meal. I don’t need all the trappings most consider necessary for this day of the year. They’re too quaint, too normal for my tastes.

What do you consider romantic? Are you a traditional romantic, or do you like something different?

Before I let you go, just a little reminder that tomorrow I’ll be over at Jillian Chantal’s blogย with an interview and giveaway. Then on Thursday, I’m over at Avril Ashton’s blog for another interivew and giveaway. These are the last two on the tour, so I hope you’ll stop by for a chance to win!


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12 responses to “Where’s the Love

  1. KAK

    Oh, Valentine’s Day is soooo romantic for me that I am going to spend it with my…dentist.

    Yup. Bring out the hook-from-hell and let the scraping and slobbering begin!

    but now that you mention a fire…I might have to assemble one of those tonight.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Danica. We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day at my house. Well, I give all my boys a little something. I have four Valentine Sweethearts. ๐Ÿ™‚ Other than that, I’d rather spend quality time together.

  3. I agree, romance shouldn’t have a specific date. The most romantic things are spur of the moment. Like, while you’re out for a walk he stops to pick wildflowers for you. Or you get a random text or phone call to say “I love you.” Now that is romantic.

  4. Thought of you on Saturday night- P S I LOVE YOU was on- If you read the fox blog tomorrow, you’ll see my thoughts on V. Day!! LOL!

    • I know. My sister sent me a text telling me it was on, but I refused to watch it because the last time I did, I only saw 20 minutes of it and was crying and snotting like an infant! LOL

  5. Oh my word, waiting a year for chocolate. NO WAY! LOL.

    Romance….ahhhh….I love that sweet, sickly romance. ๐Ÿ™‚ *blush*

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day! I decorate my house and leave presents for my kids so when they woke up they got their valentines. Then I got a call b/c one of the kids got sick at school and tested positive for flu. Went to different son’s basketball game and finished the night on a Savvy Author panel:) Full day!! Love the white background!!

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