Things You Can’t Forget

I’m not talking about memorable moments. I mean things that would be bad if you forgot them.

For instance, things were so crazy during December what with the book contracts and agent news, not to mention Christmas plans, I completely forgot to pay my cell phone bill. I could’ve sworn I paid it because this is something I’m quite anal about. My mind constantly flips through what has to be paid, when it has to be paid, and how much has to be paid. It wasn’t until the middle of January that I realized my brain had short circuited on me. I got a call from my service provider explaining that I hadn’t paid my bill.

Ha! I thought. There is no way I forgot! I had this person on the phone and I started looking through my bank statement…to see that I hadn’t paid them. I felt like an ass. Meh. So of course, I paid my bill. Now I’m even worse than I was before about my bills.

Another thing that could be bad if it’s forgotten is bed placement. I mentioned yesterday that I moved into my new room. The new room is not shaped the same way as my old room and my bed is in a completely different spot. Before, my bed was on the wall across from the door. This meant when I got up, I just staggered out of bed and walked straight out of the room.

This morning, I had a bit of a problem. When I get out of bed now, I have to walk the length of the bed to leave the room. Half asleep and thinking it was time to get up to work out (which I didn’t do because it was too cold), I opened my eyes and stared at the closet in confusion. What was it doing in front of my face? Then I remembered I wasn’t in my old room. It would have been much worse if I’d have just hopped out of bed and taken off. I might’ve knocked myself clean out, although that would’ve given me a few more hours of sleep.

What are some things that you’ve forgotten that you shouldn’t have? To keep my brother out of trouble with his wife and the rest of the family, I had to sit him down and give him everyone’s birth dates and anniversary dates so he wouldn’t forget. It isn’t my fault he put the wrong information in his phone’s calendar.

Stop over at Four Foxes, One Hound this week as the Foxes and Hound talk about their favorite romance movies/stories. Also, comments are still open on Nikki Brandyberry’s blog for a chance to win a copy of my book and one of two masks! And on Thursday, February 10, I’ll be over at Rachel Firasek’s blog for an interview and another giveaway!


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17 responses to “Things You Can’t Forget

  1. LOL. You woke up in a different room, that’ll take some getting used to, huh? 🙂

    I’ve done the cell phone thing…a couple of times. LOL. You’re not alone.

    • Thank goodness, LOL. I didn’t have a problem yesterday morning, but I didn’t sleep heavily. Last night though, I was out like a light, so I suppose that had something to do with my confusion, LOL

  2. LOL, you made me snort. I could just picture you running into the closet.

    How about this for a bad thing to forget? Your name. I have a twitter account under my pen name and one for my real name. I can’t count the tweets I’ve had to delete because I used the wrong one.

  3. jeff7salter

    I have a scene somewhat like that in my 4th manuscript … but it turns out to be a dream.
    When I’m traveling (and overnighting in motels) I tend to be disoriented when I awaken.

  4. I forgot my son’s school birthday celebration last week. I grabbed what treat I could find and raced there. I felt like the worlds worst mom. 😦

  5. KAK

    I am such a dude when it comes to remembering things — dates, names, topics that should never be raised with so-and-so.


  6. LA! I have so many, it’s not even funny- I almost put the milk in the oven yesterday- the only reason I stopped was because it wouldn’t fit. THAT”S pitiful!

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