Fantasy Man Friday

Yay, it’s Friday! What a week it’s been! My first round of guest blogs happened this week with the lucky winners being Daisy Harris and KAK. Tomorrow I’ll be stopping by Falyn Donaldson’s blog with an excerpt, and yes, you guessed it! I’ll be giving away another prize! Monday I’ll be stopping by Nikki Brandyberry’s blog for an interview and yes, another giveaway!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle Release Day with grace. To my surprise, I didn’t experience projectile vomit or fainting spells. If anything, I was too excited to feel anything physical. I’m so happy that things have gone smoothly (okay, and I’m a little shocked), lol.

We also had the inaugural week of posts on my group blog, Four Foxes, One Hound. We talked about what romance means to us and I can honestly say I’m part of a wonderful group! They’re so clever and funny that I know you’ll enjoy reading what we come up with next! Tomorrow the marvelous Monica Kaye has graciously agreed to join us as a guest Fox. Be sure to stop by to find out what romance means to her.

Now I know you’re all here for Fantasy Man Friday. It’s why I’m here as well. You know how much I love looking at gorgeous men (it isn’t like I’ve made a secret of it!). But because this week was so full of excitement, I wondered if I should post a tame, somewhat conservative man…

Then I thought, “Nah, I’m not conservative!”. Hubba, hubba. If you didn’t know, this is Daniel Conn. I posted a picture of him a couple of years ago. This gorgeous man is an Australian rugby player. I seem to have a thing for those Aussie rugby players. I think he’s one of three or four I’ve posted. But can you blame me? He’s simply gorgeous! Now if we could just pry that football out of his hands…

Happy Friday everyone!


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16 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. I love Fridays. I hope you had a great release week, and now I have a week of reading to catch on the new group blog. BTW, can you believe the day job called me and told me not to come in because of the snow. OMG. They never let me off. lol.

    • LOL, we were told we could stay home if we “felt unsafe”. I felt unsafe, but I needed money, so I came in anyway, lol. I’m glad you love Fridays, Rachel! And yes, the group blog has a lot of great posts this week, she says modestly *snickers*

  2. Daisy Harris

    Congrats on your big week! Yes, he is lovely, though I’d love if you’d occasionally post a gay fantasy men. No idea why, but I always find gays the prettiest! (Yeah, I like ’em pretty. Don’t judge me!)

    Kisses and wuv!

  3. I think he’s quite conservative in his own way- I mean, look how he’s holding that ball and protecting himself from our prying eyes. The demon!

  4. THis brings a whole new meaning to football:) Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. KAK

    Oh, the ink, the ink, the ink… ~mind wanders down tawdry avenues~

    I’m sorry, what? Oh, right.

    Congrats again on Ruby!

  6. I’m so excited for you. I hope you are enjoying every minute of this. πŸ™‚

  7. OH my word *blushes*

    LOL. Happy Friday!

  8. Wow. Um, wow. He’s delicious!

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